Three Men Sentenced For Their Role In Death Of Toddler Who Became The Face Of The Syrian Refugee Crisis

Written by K. Walker on March 18, 2020

We all remember that photo. The Media(D) used it to illustrate the desperation of Syrians fleeing their country and to guilt the world into opening their borders to refugees.

In 2015, two-year-old Alan Kurdi, his five-year-old brother Galip, their mother Rihan along with two other migrants died when a dinghy carrying 14 refugees capsized near the Greek island of Kos. Abdullah, Alan’s father is the only member of the immediate family who survived.

The photograph of Alan’s lifeless body that had washed up on a Turkish beach was plastered everywhere in the Media(D) and quickly garnered sympathy worldwide. The Partisan Press and leftwing politicians urged for opening borders which exacerbated the refugee crisis. We were told that every country needed to open their borders and allow refugees fleeing from a warzone, but it turns out that a number of “Syrian” refugees in Europe aren’t from Syria at all.

This relaxing of borders emboldened human smugglers to profit from the desperation of people trying to flee a warzone as well as economic migrants. Enabling that is not compassion.

In 2016, two Syrians, Muwafaka Alabash, 36, and Asem Alfrhad, 35, were convicted for smuggling refugees in the Kurdi case. Authorities launched a separate investigation to find the organizers of the illegal border crossing operation.

Three Turkish men were sentenced this week to 125 years in jail for their part in the drowning of a boy whose death in 2015 became a worldwide symbol of the suffering caused by the Syrian war and the European refugee crisis it triggered…

…The Turkish police had been seeking three more suspects, and they were eventually captured in the southern city of Adana. A court in Bodrum, the popular holiday spot where the bodies of the children were found, convicted them of manslaughter with probable intent in the deaths of the five migrants.

The state-run Anadolu news agency identified the men on Friday as Cebrail E., Ecevit Bulent G and Ali Can S. Their precise role in the refugees’ deaths has not been publicly confirmed; the final hearing in the case was on Wednesday.

The case was particularly important in Germany, then in the first months of welcoming what would eventually be more than a million refugees from the crisis. The country’s best-selling tabloid, the usually conservative Bild, printed the image of Alan’s body on an otherwise black back page, with text declaring it a message to the world to unite and save migrants. When readers complained, it removed all photographs from a subsequent edition.

Source: New York Times

Abdullah Kurdi’s sister, Tima Kurdi, who lives in British Columbia, Canada, says that the conviction gives her small comfort because she’s the one that provided the money for the smugglers.

“It’s a really mixed feeling,” she said.

“I feel responsible, too, because I paid those smugglers the money for my family. But you know what — when you see your own family struggling and suffering, you’d do the same thing, we all reach to our loved ones and we try to help them.”

Source: CBC News

She also said that her brother recognized one of the men.

Kurdi said she heard the news about the sentencing from her brother in Iraq who’s been living there since the tragedy.

“He was very sad to hear about it,” she said.

“He recognized one of those three. It took him back to that time when he was trying to pay the smugglers.”

She went on to say that smugglers don’t care about the people that are seeking asylum, but just profit.

Kurdi said human smugglers are taking advantage of people fleeing war zones.

“They only care about making money,” she added.

Her brother paid the smugglers $4,000 for him, his wife and their two kids, Kurdi said.

“The way it works is the smugglers don’t charge for children but it’s an average of $2,000 per person,” she said.
Source: CTV News

This is it, precisely. Just like the coyotes taking people across the southern U.S. border and dropping them in the desert or handing them pool floats to carry them across the Rio Grande, smugglers bringing people into Europe don’t care if those people crossing borders illegally live or die — they only care that they get paid.

Strict border control measures aren’t just about knowing who it is that is coming into the country, (although that is a large part of it,) it’s also to prevent desperate people from relying on unscrupulous scammers that only see them as profit and don’t care if they live or die. Open borders enable criminals to profit from desperation and suffering holding the lives of families in their hands.

Border control is compassionate no matter what the left will tell you.

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