If ‘Chinese Virus’ Offended The ChiComs, They Will Absolutely HATE This Parody (Video)

Written by Wes Walker on March 18, 2020

In case current events had made us forget that we had plenty of reasons to decry the Chinese Communist Government BEFORE the WuFlu swept the planet, here’s a memory jog.

Remember the Hong Kong student protesters that were standing up to the Chinese government tyrants? The ones that (now ironically) were symbolized by the mask-wearing protesters and the gauze patch over one eye, reminding us about their police brutality?

Remember how we were talking about bulldozing and dynamiting Churches, and abusing the Uygurs?

The totalitarian government that made cowards and lapdogs out of the NBA for daring to criticize them?


Not to mention what they did to that one doctor who tried to sound the alarm on the severity and spread of cases of a new variety of pneumonia. After being silenced, this same ‘citizen journalists’ eventually died of ‘General Tao’s Sicken’ himself.

With all the WuFlu tunnel vision in the news cycle, it’s pretty easy to forget what other monstrosities that government has been responsible for, isn’t it?

This parody video dates back to November, which is built around a video (the stand-alone has been deleted) where what looks to be one of the Hong Kong protesters calls out the Chinese Government.

His words become the basis of this parody remix of a very famous Korean song.

(Let’s see how long it takes until this video gets taken down.)


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