Joe Biden’s ‘Virtual Town Hall’ Was The Obamacare Website Crash Version 2.0 (Video)

Written by Wes Walker on March 15, 2020

“Joe, you need a new technical team. They’re making you look bad…”

Joe Biden’s virtual town hall was an absolute disaster. It was plagued with technical difficulties. Even politically ‘friendly’ sites admitted it.

In response to the Wuhan Coronavirus health scare, public campaigning has been curbed.

So Joe Biden tried his hand at a virtual event in its place.

It went about as smoothly as that catastrophic Obamacare website launch. But don’t take OUR word for it, here is a headline from The Verge: Joe Biden’s first virtual town hall was an absolute technical nightmare

From that piece:

What was at first an awkwardly silent video conference evolved into a complete technical nightmare that resulted in Biden sounding as if he was screaming in TV static for the first few minutes of the event.

…The Zoom call was plagued with technical problems from the beginning. First, it began over three hours late. Once Biden did start speaking, his staff had to restart his entire speech because there was no audio, fading his campaign logo in and back out again to signify that they were redoing the address. As he started reading off his prepared remarks again, Biden’s audio was suddenly painful to hear and impossible to understand, at least until they replaced whatever mic he was using with a smartphone.

After his opening address was finished — as unintelligible as it was — staff opened the call up to questions. “Mr. Biden’s speech was garbled the entire time,” the first questioner said before being cut off.

A staffer responded saying, “We appreciate you bearing with our technical difficulties.” Then, they quickly clicked on to the next questioner. It was a few more seconds of dead air and another supporter who seemingly couldn’t unmute themselves before the town hall got its first real question.

Sure the glitches were bad. But was that really the worst part? Not everyone thought so.

It was when he was talking about his healthcare plan and it became very clear that the biggest problem with the Joe Biden Virtual Town Hall is… Joe Biden.

And this is the guy who wants to centralize MORE power into fewer government hands.

What could POSSIBLY go wrong?