MAGA: The Best Is Yet To Come… (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on March 3, 2020

Have you noticed a difference between gloom-and-doom Democrats and the MAGA crowd?

The short answer is … optimism!

We see a nation founded on fundamentally sound principles that just needs a few tweaks and a little encouragement to hit full potential.

We’re looking forward to new frontiers — like putting a woman on the moon as we prepare for extending our reach to Mars.

Meanwhile, the Left sees a totally broken system, one that is orchestrating the failures of its own citizens, one that is deeply racist, sexist and profoundly unfair to a litany of oppressed groups.

Naturally, they have grand (and expensive!) plans for how to fix the problems they have been describing.

Let’s compare their bleak ‘I-shouldn’t-have-babies-because-the-world-is-destroyed-in-12-years’ rhetoric to the message Trump is putting out there:

Maybe that has something to do with the fact that a lifelong Democrat not only stood up in support of Trump, but — because of the difference Trump’s POLICIES, not rhetoric made in the communities he cares about — stood up and called Trump the ‘first Black President’.

One guy TALKED about bringing ‘hope and change’.

The guy that came AFTER him actually DELIVERED that promise.