Paula White-Cain Rallies Evangelicals To Support President Trump Because He Keeps His Promises

Written by Pastor Greg Young on March 4, 2020

President Trump’s faith adviser, Rev. Paula White-Cain, appeared on Fox & Friends Sunday on March 1 and answered a question that befuddles Never Trumpers and many in the media: Why do evangelical Christian voters still support the president?

The Never Trumpers point to this thing the president said, or that thing the president tweeted, to justify their own continuing – and ever more irrelevant – opposition to the president. They also use those side issues to try and shame and pull evangelical Christians away from the 45th president. 

It isn’t working. At the height of impeachment, no voter group stuck with President Trump more strongly than white evangelicals. Fully 99% of them opposed impeaching and removing the president from office. His tweets and more controversial comments seem to have no effect on their support. If anything, evangelicals support Trump more strongly now than in 2016.  

To the president’s faith adviser, Rev. Paula White-Cain, the rock-solid evangelical support for Trump is no mystery: He has done what he promised and promises to do more on policies and priorities that are important to evangelicals. 

“President Trump has made promises and kept those,” White told Fox & Friends. “He is the most pro-life president, as he has stood so strong for life. Being the first president at the March for Life. De-funding the Mexico City (policy), that’s almost $9 billion of foreign aid that our tax dollars were paying for abortionists.”

White continued: “We look at the Supreme Court. And we see that there’s almost 200 nominees to all the courts, lower courts and Supreme Court.”

Notably, President Trump has nominated and the Senate has confirmed judges who have tilted two of the nation’s most notoriously left-wing courts, the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals in New York and the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in California, to the center-right. In past decades, the left used these courts and others to enact their preferred legislative priorities from the bench, and thwart conservative causes that had clear majority support. Trump’s judicial picks have helped restore the courts to their constitutional role of reviewing legislation, not legislating based on the opinions of unelected judges. 

White-Cain also pointed out that while President Trump is strongly pro-life, the Democrats “are so indebted to the abortion industry they would not even sign on to the live birth (pledge), protecting a child even after it has come out of the mother’s womb.” 

“The country is wising up and saying ‘That’s not protection of life. That’s not protection of anything,’” White-Cain added. 

Beyond the judicial picks and life policies, Trump has delivered more than he promised on regulation. Candidate Trump promised to roll back two federal regulations for every one his administration imposed. One of his first executive orders put this promise in writing. Trump has delivered on this promise times four — removing more than eight regulations for every new one, according to a White House statement. The president is also said to be working on a new effort which will seek input from outside Washington to further cut into federal rules and regulations. 

White-Cain also pointed to President Trump’s strong support for Israel and moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem. His clear support for America’s only democratic ally in the Middle East stands in sharp contrast to the Democrats, who under President Barack Obama drifted away from Israel. In the years since, the Democrats have elevated openly anti-Israel leaders in Congress including the so-called “Squad”, Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY), Ihlan Omar (MN), Ayanna Pressley (MA) and Rashida Tlaib (MI). These four have put a hateful, even anti-Semitic, face on the Democratic Party at the same time Trump has stood unwaveringly by Israel’s side. Evangelical Christians overwhelmingly support Israel from its right to exist to its right of self-defense, leaving Trump their clear and only choice. 

The Squad and many prominent Democrats also attack America itself, focusing on everything from American history to our capitalist, free market economic system. The Democrats are poised to nominate an open socialist for the presidency, Sen. Bernie Sanders. Evangelical voters are overwhelmingly patriotic capitalists, as is President Trump. The Democrats’ shift toward anti-American rhetoric and policy priorities including the Green New Deal, which Trump and most Americans oppose as an assault on freedom, will further cement evangelicals to support the president’s re-election. 

White-Cain also highlighted Trump’s “deliverables.” 

“He has delivered on the economy. He has delivered on religious liberty. He has delivered on the courts. He has delivered in prison reform. He has delivered with women. He has delivered with all people, veterans, military.” White summed it up: “He is a business man that is a great fighter for this country.”

Pastor Greg Young is host of the nationally syndicated Chosen Generation Radio Show which airs Monday through Friday on Stations coast to coast. He served as a Russian Linguist is the USAF, discover more at