Send In The Clowns: ‘Quid Pro Joe’ Parades The ‘Also-Rans’ At His Dallas Rally Ahead Of Super Tuesday (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on March 3, 2020

Will trotting out these failed candidates help boost Sleepy Joe’s campaign?

That’s the plan.

Will it really, though?

It sounds more like a corny joke…

A former furry, a former lawyer, and a gay former mayor walk onto the stage in Dallas to join a confused septuagenarian former Vice President.

So, maybe it is a joke after all… we’re talking about Joe Biden’s campaign.

Senator Amy Klobuchar ended her presidential campaign yesterday and then was immediately stumping for Joe at a rally in Dallas.

If you’re a Democrat, and you’re tired of the extremes, you “have a home” with Biden, says Klobuchar. This is a great attack on Bernie going to extremes with everything — he has three homes.

I’m old enough to remember that it was just a year ago, when Biden made the announcement that he was planning on running, Klobuchar said that Sleepy Joe will need to explain his actions that “weren’t as progressive.”

So… which is it, Amy? Is progressive good or not?

Mayor Pete also ended his presidential bid yesterday and also flipped on his view of Joe. He was attacking Joe just before the Iowa caucus as the “same Washington playbook” candidate.

Preachy Pete has certainly changed his tune because what is needed most to defeat the stellar economy and solidly conservative agenda of President Trump is the same old Washington inefficiency that has failed for the past 40 years.

Joe loved the endorsement so much, that he practically adopted Pete on the spot.

That’s kind of a cold thing to say when you have another son who is still alive!

Someone needs to search through the strip joints in Hollywood and see if we can get a response from Hunter… I guess we’ll just have to wait as the exhaustive search for the elusive Hunter Biden continues.

But I digress…

As though to complete the trifecta… out pops Beto!

He too, thought that Joe was not the right choice for 2020 because he was a “return to the past” and “not who we are going forward.”

Now that flip-flop is pretty meme-worthy…

Ah, I love how the internet always provides.

The attack ads write themselves at this point.

President Trump suggested that there was some quid pro quo stuff going on with Joe and the also-rans. A little “collusion” if you will.

Joe confirmed that Beto would lead the effort in tackling “the gun problem” in a Biden administration.

Beto goes further than some of the “gun control” efforts — he’s all for confiscation.

So, we know what he promised Beto… but what did Joe promise Pete and Amy?

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