While The US And Israel Race To Develop Coronavirus Vaccine, Others Have Tried These Crazy ‘Cures’

Written by Wes Walker on March 11, 2020

It should go without saying — Do NOT try these at home.

People have been losing their minds over the ‘Wuhan Flu’, or Covid-19, or, for those offended by the regional names, ‘Some People Caught Something’.

Panicky people tend to make bad decisions. Some of those bad decisions are risky, others are just laughable.

Researchers in Israel (who expect to begin clinical trials shortly) and an American company who, we are told, sequenced the gene in 3 hours, are racing ahead in the process of developing a vaccine.

Meanwhile, the public is getting, *cough* ‘creative’ *cough* in finding ways to prevent or cure the virus.

One moron suggested you should drink bleach. (spoiler alert: you should NOT)

Another social media rumor touted the health benefits of masturbation as improving your immune system. Because it’s the internet, and everything will eventually tie back to sex if you give it enough time.

Yet another one suggested that cocaine would help stop the virus. We’re not sure where that one originated, but this screenshot originated in Nigeria.

In fact, according to the Washington Post, an investigation by the U.S. State Department found that a staggering 2 million tweets in circulation during a three-week period between January 20 and February 10 propagated coronavirus conspiracy theories and misinformation. That means that 7% of all coronavirus content on the platform was false.

Ironically, we take WaPo citations with a grain of salt. But the point is duly noted.

Titos Vodka was forced to issue a press release to clear up a misunderstanding…

Meanwhile in India…

(Original video is gone, but the New York Post has it here.)


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