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COVID-19 Crisis And The Church

When the going gets tough, how, exactly, should the Church get going?

If your answer includes sticking your head in a hole and praying for morning, buckle up, because this episode will stretch you more than Michael Moore’s waistband at an all you can eat buffet.

TV is full of preachers who love to proclaim today to be a ‘new day’ with a revolutionary new message unlike anything he’s told the generations before us.

Is that so? Whatever happened to God being the same yesterday, today, and forever?

That’s right, kids, the same God that got the early church through Roman persecutions under Nero and Diocletian, who took his people through innumerable wars, persecutions, famines and conflicts — through even invading hordes and the Black Death — supposedly has a new message for his people? One that involves hiding in a hole and running the white flag of surrender up the flagpole just because the world has its collective panties in a twist over Kung Flu?

Yeah, we don’t buy it either.

Time for the big boys to really find out who’s in crisis… and who’s in Christ.

This isn’t a castastrophe, it’s an opportunity. All the little competing voices that would vye for the hearts and minds of the unwashed massess — consumerism, entertainment, random hookups, sports, all of it is shut down.

There is a short window of opportunity to be about the Father’s business — if only the church is willing to lean into it.

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Doug Giles

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