WATCH: ‘Mask-Shaming’ MSNBC Reporter Gets OWNED By Random Guy On Live Television

Written by K. Walker on May 27, 2020

This is truly embarrassing and an astounding display of hypocrisy–but then again, it is MSNBC.

The “option” of wearing a mask is increasingly becoming a mandate, and the “Karens” in the Media(D) are out there with their cameras ready, willing, and able to “mask-shame” you for not wearing one.

MSNBC decided that they were going to send a camera crew to lecture the plebs out enjoying a beautiful, sunny Memorial Day in Wisconsin on not panicking properly by wearing masks 24/7.

The short segment is utterly astounding and the entire premise is incorrect.

The MSNBC host asks the correspondent if the people outside are concerned about “their own personal safety” to which, Mr. Ventilator Mask responds, “I haven’t met anybody who is.”

These geniuses don’t seem to comprehend what has been drilled into the rest of us who are paying attention that the mask isn’t about protecting you but to prevent you from spreading the virus to others if you have it and don’t know you have it.

Governor “Grandma Killer” Cuomo has said that a mask is about “respect” and that it shows your concern for your fellow man by wearing one.

Sure, if you are in an enclosed space like a vehicle, office, or store, or if physical distancing isn’t possible.

But honestly, these masks don’t really do diddly squat to protect you from the virus, nor are they supposed to. All masks are not created equal as Alyssa Milano recently learned when she posted a photo of her crocheted mask on Twitter. If you’re wearing a triple-filtered ventilator mask like this reporter, that’s one thing. If you’re just using a bandana, that doesn’t do a whole lot. It might make you feel better, but if you’ve got the virus, you’re still shedding it through the cotton fabric. Medical experts warn that they can give you a false sense of security and actually be worse than not wearing one.

Still, MSNBC is pushing the You Must Wear A Mask nonsense probably because President Trump refuses to wear one.

Mr. Mask Guy tries to shame a bystander for not wearing a mask, but it turns out that the he’s filming the reporter and his crew for a reason…although the on-air personality is mask-clad, those in the crew are not as the bystander astutely points out on live television.

Riddle me this, all of you Media(D) proponents of “science”…
What good is a mask in the outdoors? The virus dissipates quickly outside, so unless you’re going to be in a crowd where you can’t social distance, it doesn’t make much sense.

Maybe it’s just me, but it’s interesting that MSNBC chose to record near the parking lot rather than the greenspace which doesn’t look so crowded. We’re relying on what the reporter is saying on television rather than images that they could easily provide.

Note how the host completely ignores the chagrin of Mr. Ventilator Mask which would be much more noticeable if he weren’t virtue signaling with his outdoor mask-wearing. She just says that the images are “striking.”

Do you know what’s striking? That she didn’t even notice what happened there. Journalism in 2020, folks.

But he’s not the only bystander that noticed, some folks in the crowd were heckling the lecturing reporter.

Americans are losing their patience with the Fake News saying one thing and doing another.

It’s just like that whole Chris Cuomo Basement Quarantine nonsense–do as I say but not as I do.

For the most part, many Americans were willing to take some precautions to protect the vulnerable and ensure that the healthcare system didn’t collapse when we were hit with a deadly pandemic on a scale that we’ve not seen in a hundred years. But, now we know more about the virus, and it’s become clear that there are some people willing to use the pandemic as a means to control behavior, including forcing mask-wearing and the Media(D) is complicit with it.

It’s a good thing to call out “fake news” when you see it.

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