BOLTON: Release Of His Tell-All Book Is Beginning To Boomerang From Left AND Right

Written by Wes Walker on June 19, 2020

John Bolton was hailed by many of us as an All-Star appointment. But he’s turned out to be an even worse ‘draft pick’ than anyone on the ‘worst-of’ lists.

Bolton publicly claims to have been ‘wooed’ into the government role, but that doesn’t line up with how Mark Levin remembers it. He remembers Bolton (who he had once considered a friend and patriot) as having asked around for a number of influential conservatives to put in the good word for him.

Should this really surprise us? This is, after all, the man who said, in a 2010 interview, “If I had to say something I knew was false to protect American national security, I would do it.”

He has already stated he is entirely comfortable with lying … when it suits his purposes. The question we are left with is ‘When ELSE does it suit his purposes?’

Bolton has made a big splash with his new tell-all book. He’s made some improbable-sounding claims about what Trump has said in conversations with foreign leaders and the like… especially with China, whose knuckles Trump has not been afraid to rap when necessary.

It’s a book that is reportedly in breech of nondisclosure agreements and also reveals classified information. A move has been made to block the release of this book.

Trump, as usual, has blasted him back. But he’s taking heat from the Left as well.

Noah also blasted Bolton’s book as “b——t” and argued he could have testified during the Senate’s impeachment trial.

“Who sees their country in terrible danger from an unhinged president and goes, ‘I need to warn the people! Chapter one… I was born on a bright autumn day in 1948…?’” he asked, while imitating someone typing.

NBC “Late Night” host Seth Myers similarly adressed Bolton: “You’re like a guy who sees his neighbor’s house on fire and instead of calling 9-1-1, writes a book called, ‘Hey, that house is on fire!'”

Not to be outdone, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., — who led the impeachment inquiry against President Trump — told “CBS This Morning” Thursday that , he said people should “question John Bolton’s patriotism. in withholding this information during an impeachment proceeding.” —FoxNews

For a guy so ready to send others into battle, where is the courage of his convictions to settle his own scores face to face? It looks like he’s got a pattern of waiting until he person he’s slagging isn’t around. Isn’t there a word for that kind of person?

Meanwhile, Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani described Bolton as a “total backstabber.”

“I’ve known him for 10 years,” Guiliani told Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria”. “He says all kinds of things about me in that book. He never was man enough to come up to me and raise that with me when we were in the administration, when I was representing the president.”

Yep. That’s the name.

He’s done this before. Remember when he threw Dubya under the bus? No? Neither did we, but he did.

Journalist Sara Carter takes him through the wringer. Here are some excerpts of a longer piece worth reading:

The former National Security Advisor’s soon-to-be-released memoir — The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir contains classified information. It was strategic, of course. Everything about the book, including its release date was planned. The fact that Bolton didn’t testify during the impeachment hearings was also calculated. If what he says is true about President Trump, why didn’t he testify? He didn’t testify because it’s all lies. Writing a book doesn’t require Bolton to be under oath and in the end he figured it would be his word against Trump.

I used to respect Bolton for his long years of service to our nation but now I see him for what he is a backstabbing liar intent on taking down a president he had given accolades to on the world stage.

…Bolton, however, didn’t plan this battle against Trump alone. He joined forces with the Rhinos, long time political diplomats, politicians, and bureaucrats in both the Republican and Democratic Parties.

They golf together, go on vacation together, misuse your tax dollars without ever thinking about the grueling hours you put into your work to make a life for your family. They dine at the best restaurants and calculate how to take the disruptor down. They then laugh as they leak their lies to the Washington D.C. elite media that despises you for voting for him and then watch many lap it up without question.

This group of life-long politicos cares only about themselves and their legacy. They are playing for keeps and to retain power. They use the American people as pawns in their game. We are the chess pieces that they attempt to move. —SaraCarter

The Swamp promised they would bring everything they’ve got for this fight, using means both fair and foul. And they are making good on that promise, from all directions.

Last word to Pompeo:

So, Patriots: are we ready to push back?