Twitter Labels Meme Shared By President Trump ‘Manipulated Media’

Written by K. Walker on June 19, 2020

***UPDATE: June 19, 5:45pm (Eastern)

Twitter has removed the video due to copyright violations because the people over at CNN are whiny little babies.

Carpe Donktum, the memesmith that made the original is now outright trolling CNN and it’s freaking glorious!


The social media platform is continuing to target the President’s tweets.

This time, it’s over a meme.

The left absolutely hates memes. They’ve gone after the President over memes before.

On Thursday evening, President Trump posted a video from his favorite meme-maker. It highlighted the way that the Media(D)–and CNN in particular–manipulates the truth in order to push the “America is racist” narrative.

Remember, CNN was pushing the alleged “racist” Covington kids story based on a short video clip and didn’t bother to do any fact-checking about what really happened. That’s why they were being sued for $275 million by Nick Sandmann and settled the lawsuit. 

CNN also took a camera crew to confront a Trump-supporter for sharing a meme that was part of Russian “election meddling.”

CNN doesn’t seem to like memes very much.

The meme President Trump shared showed a viral video of two toddlers running on the sidewalk.

The video begins with ominous music and the video of a black toddler appearing to run away from a white toddler with the CNN chyron “terrified todler[sic] runs from racist baby” the chyron changes to read, “racist baby probably a Trump voter.”

It then changes to “what actually happened” which is the pair of friends running toward each other, hugging and then running off to play with one chasing the other while the song “Close to You” plays in the background.

The meme points out that “fake news” shows a portion of the story in order to push a narrative that America is racist.

Since Twitter removed it, the meme’s creator reposted it.

CNN refuted the content of the meme.

So, CNN Communications admits that they’re going to continue to lie. Yeah, we didn’t need CNN Comms to tell us that.

CNN’s glory boy, Jim Acosta, quickly jumped on the manipulated media tag and spread the news.

Some big-name Twitter users noted how incredibly stupid this is.


We know that Acosta is a dunderhead but in this exchange with Kayleigh McEnany, he really outdoes himself with an absolutely spectacular failure to comprehend a meme.

Acosta claims that the meme that President Trump posted was “exploiting children to make some sort of crass political point” and that by posting the meme, Trump should own the label of “fake news.”

This is what happens when you have no sense of humor and have your head up your own ass and work for a media company that tried to destroy the life of a 16-year old boy because he wore a MAGA hat.

If you ever wondered why the left can’t meme, it’s because they simply don’t understand memes.

But someone is enjoying this little exchange…the meme-maker himself, Carpe Donktum.

By the way, Carpe has taken aim at CNN for years.

The left was dunkin’ on Donktum, but he was hitting right back.

Carpe was having a blast.

Being the glory boy that he is, Jim Acosta, is trying to get Twitter to label another video as “manipulated media” because of a clip of him speaking and another fake CNN chyron.

This dude is so dense that at this point he’s getting negative self-awareness points.

But, no matter how much denser-than-lead Jim is, this isn’t about him at all.

Some Trump supporters and Donktum’s fellow memesters were praising the meme and blasting CNN.

SolMemes had a spectacular one that sums up all the nonsense.

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