Dear Christians – The Left Loves Looters And Loathes You

Written by Doug Giles on June 5, 2020

When Christians and Small business owners assembled peacefully petitioning their government for the redress of wrongs, the were the Devil Incarnate plotting the murder of Granny.

And what did the Church do, when the government told us we did not have their permission to meet and pray, and worship together?

The Church dutifully obeyed human authority forbidding the assembling together. That same assembling together Holy Writ commanded us not to forsake. Months later, many places see no light at the end of that tunnel. And still, they obey the will of ‘leaders’ who wear open contempt of Christian faith on their sleeve.

All in the name of ‘stopping’ the Kung Flu, of course.

Now that rioters and anarchists are smashing, grabbing and burning their way across major cities throughout Blue State America, these same draconian jackboots are all too happy to  throw their support behind ‘the cause’.

COVID? That’s so two weeks ago! We’ve got ourselves a whole NEW way to throw wrenches at America!


This means America is back in business, everyone is going back to work, and the Churches are all open now… right?

Nope. Freedom is for the DEMOCRAT causes. People they don’t dare say no to, that rise up in once voice get to do whatever the hell they want, because really — who can stop them?

See the lesson in there, little Christian?

We have, through our docility, been training our government to believe they have authority over us. That we are only as free as they permit us to be.

Any honest protesters, to say nothing of the criminals and anarchists who hijacked those protests, didn’t WAIT for permission to exercise their Constitutional GOD-GIVEN rights.

They simply EXERCISED those rights.

The Church stands at a crossroads. Those before us have paid dearly to secure the rights we now take for granted. Are we going to give elected authorities power over us they do not have?

Or are we going to take back, and exercise our inalienable, GOD-GIVEN rights to assemble and worship Almighty God?

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