TRUMP WAS RIGHT: Leftists Topple Thomas Jefferson Statue In Portland (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on June 17, 2020

All the way back in 2017, President Trump warned that the statue-topplers would target Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. He was right.

The rhetoric of systemic racism in America is being stoked by the media and leftist activists (but I repeat myself) and because of that, thousands of people are taking a stand against it through protests, riots, looting, occupation, and tearing things down. The biggest targets have been “racist” statues.

The removal of certain “problematic” statues has been advocated by activists, journalists, and even the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

First, it was the Confederate statues, but we’ve seen that pretty much all of the statues honoring achievements of Western civilization have been targets, even if it’s nonsensical.

There is a petition to remove a statue of Abraham Lincoln in Boston because next to him is a freed slave on his knees in front of the President.

Here are a few examples of things that have been damaged or torn down:

But now, they’re going after the Founding Fathers for being slaveholders.

First up, the primary author of the Declaration of Independence himself, Thomas Jefferson.

A statue in Portland, Oregon was toppled on Sunday evening after it was defaced.

Earlier Sunday evening, the steps of Jefferson High School was the sight of a Black Lives Matter rally led by Rose City Justice. Organizers spoke in front of a Jefferson statue—its base spray-painted with the phrase “Slave Owner.”

Source: KOIN 6 

The crowd was so excited.

Watch how happy they were once the statue was toppled:

If you recall, in the press conference that President Trump has been vilified for the past 3 years–the infamous “fine people on both sides” video–President Trump asked if statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson should be torn down because they were slave owners. (He then condemns neo-Nazis and white nationalists, so it’s unlikely that you’ll see this clip on CNN anytime soon.)

In this clip, President Trump is coming to the defense of people who don’t want history “sanitized” by removing statues. People like former Secretary of State Condolezza Rice, who grew up in Birmingham during segregation. President Trump acknowledges that there are nonracist reasons to not want to tear down statues.

He is right.


The left must absolutely hate that.

That’s why we’re at the point where the left has to Cancel All Of The Things in order to prove that they’re not racist like the people that don’t want to Cancel All Of The Things, even if racism isn’t the reason they oppose the whitewashing of history.

Since the left is very busy canceling Winston Churchill, they’re probably unaware of his famous words, “Those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.” Maybe those of us that want to keep even the “problematic” memorials in order to remember where we were and how far we have come are just a little more “Churchillian” in nature. That’s not a bad thing. Statue defaced or no, the man was a legend.

If we tear down all of the “problematic” figures in history, we will have no history left. All of those figures were human beings with flaws.

Even the Founding Fathers.

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