EXODUS: Democrat Dummies Paying A Price For Coddling Criminals

Written by Wes Walker on June 24, 2020

When rioters seized control of 6 city blocks, Left Coast politicians looked down their smug noses at Trump. Why are you afraid of Democracy, they taunted.

Several shootings later, even the Mayor finally admitted things had gotten out of hand. She’s trying to get the freeloaders to get out of Dodge.

We’re thinking that giving these anarchists enough time to dig in like ticks was a bad idea. The real die-hards won’t be going anywhere without a fight. But that doesn’t mean everyone is sticking around.

While they focus all their attention on how much of the police force to slice-and-dice into nothingness, other notables from Seattle are voting with their feet.

The decision to leave was already set in motion, leaving for a more business-friendly climate. But what the CEO of a Billion-dollar investment firm said as they get ready to leave may prompt others to think long and hard about following suit:

“The unrest that has taken place in the city of Seattle … there is really is not a downtown business community today,” Smead Capital Management President and CEO Cole Smead told KTAR News on Monday.

…”My biggest concern for Seattle was what the business community is going to come back to, and what kind of businesses are going to come back for customers,” Smead told KTAR News.

Phoenix will offer Smead Capital employees a lower cost of living and a better quality of life, Smead said. —FoxBusiness

After all, business conditions are hardly likely to get BETTER after the expense and disruption this ‘summer of love’ has caused everyone. His concerns were echoed by other business owners. Policing, in particular, was top-of-mind.

“I keep trying to wrap my heads around the fact that we have no protection, and I’ve pretty much come to terms that we have no protection here,” auto shop co-owner John McDermott told KOMO News after the shootings.

McDermott said his business, Car Tender, was broken into and no officers responded earlier in June. —FoxBusiness

New York was no better. After the riots and looting, there is already talk of premium stores cutting ties with the city because it is no longer the luxury destination it once was.

Don’t be suprised of those who can afford to abandon the bigger and more dangerous cities abandon them, sticking the ones who cannot afford to leave with cleaning up the mess.

Considering the fact that, for instance, NYC was flirting with Bankruptcy in 2019, that would spell some seriously bad news for the big cities.