FAKE NEWS: Massive Protest In D.C. Driven By Bogus Anti-Trump News Story

Written by Wes Walker on June 3, 2020

Remember when the talking heads were outraged by business owners with signs begging for the right to save their businesses and livelihood during this Coronavirus threat? What changed?

We are all ‘killing grandma’ if free citizens dared to organized a protest to petition their government for a redress of wrongs when their own government laws were creating a burden too heavy to bear. Such protesting was denounced in the most vigorous terms.

How dare we seek to reopen a church? How dare we go back to the fitness club? How dare we want a haircut?

And then along came a different kind of cause — one that fit neatly within a tried and true narrative. For one brief, shining moment, the world, almost as one, agreed that what happened to George Floyd was an outrage. We agreed that an injustice had occurred. We agreed that something must be done.

And then came the riots. The property destruction. The looting. The fires. The violence. The senseless beatings and even killings. That unity vanished like smoke, and the networks had a new crisis to exploit. It was exactly the story they have been planning to exploit. The NYTimes have been developing this story arc from the moment the Mueller Report failed them. LEAKED: New York Times Staff Meeting Reveals The NEW Plan On How To Cover President Trump Everyone else seems to be singing from the same songsheet.

Like every ‘news’ story they tell, there is an ‘Orange Man Bad’ component.

When Trump surprised us all by walking out his front door, crossing a park that had been claimed by the rioting mob only one night before, and stood in front of an historic Church that every President since Madison had attended, the narrative was rubber bullets, tear gas and photo op.

He’s a tyrant, don’t you know? CNN even did a split-screen coverage.

The next day, the park was packed with protesters outraged over what they considered his horrible treatment of peaceful protesters.

That ‘horrible treatment’ of ‘peaceful protesters’ we were hearing about? It was all a lie.

Of course, we can expect an apology and a retraction from the news media and ESPECIALLY that virtue-signaling bishop, right?

Because for all her pearl-clutching and condemnation of Trump… ‘bearing false witness’ still made the top-ten list of things God told us to NOT do, didn’t it?

We’ll see if she’s more interested in her integrity or her ‘wokeness’, now won’t we?