Hey Pelosi: This Lady From Africa Has Something To Say About Your BLM Photo Op

Written by Wes Walker on June 9, 2020

Since the Democrats are quick to remind us about how important it is for people of privilege, particularly wealthy, white people, to give an ear to the lived experiences of black voices, here’s her chance to do the same.

Only a week after chastening Trump for a ‘photo op’ standing in front of a Church that had survived an attempt to firebomb it the night before, Democrats are orchestrating one of their own, to pad their ‘woke’ credentials in an election whose storyline the media is clearly desperate to fracture along racial lines.

Pelosi, Schumer, and others coordinated with the Congressional Black Caucus to don what the media might generically describe as ‘Traditional African Garb’ in a supposed show of solidarity with BLM … something-something racism. And George Floyd.

There’s just one problem with that publicity stunt. Ok, more than one, but from the perspective of a wonderful lady from Africa, she has one objection to raise.

And like so many OTHER minority voices who refuse to sing from their songsheet, not only did her criticism fall on deaf ears, she was treated shamefully by the supposedly ‘woke’ Left.

Being not from here, she left the kneeling aspect aside as an in-house debate.

The Kente fabric they are wearing however, is what they would BLAST as demeaning and ‘cultural appropriation’ if anyone other than a Democrat were to play dress-up with it. The same people who go nuclear if someone dares to wear a sombrero on May 5th don’t bat an eye at this.

Obianuju does not appreciate African culture being used as empty tokenism in which to wrap Democrat’s political agendas.

She, who is a Nigerian, respects the unique cultural identity of Ghana far too much to casually don that culturally-loaded fabric.

But Democrats have no sense of such boundaries. Or they believe the CAUSE is greater than such trifling notions beyond their narrow scope of experience.

Don’t expect them to take the criticism well, though.

Just for fun, we’ve included some other ways Pelosi got dragged for this poorly thought-out stunt as well. If you haven’t seen it already, don’t miss Pelosi’s “I’ve fallen and I can’t stand up” moment at the end of this whole debacle. LMAO: Nancy Pelosi Can’t Stand Up After Kneeling Stunt In Congress (VIDEO)

It’s just a small sampling, but, you get the idea:

Trying too hard…

An unflattering comparison…

And for the coup-de-grace…


Political blackface.

Well, if anyone would know about politics and Blackface, it would have to be the party of Governor Northam, now wouldn’t it?