Hey Seattle: Companies Screwed Over By ‘Your Summer Of Love’ Have Lawyered Up… Now What?

Written by Wes Walker on June 25, 2020

Remember how they scolded America, asking why we were ‘afraid of Democracy’? Now it’s time to pay the piper. Maybe literally.

You see, in a Democracy, when someone gets screwed over — even if it’s by their own government — the courts are a viable course of action.

And in the process of having downtown becoming a no-go zone for anyone NOT participating in the lawless takeover of Seattle’s core, plenty of people paid a price. In particular, the local businesses have paid a price.

And they’re not taking this laying down.

They’ve gotten themselves lawyers and they are taking action against the city for the price they had to pay for city officials turning a blind eye to this lawlessness.

If you thought Seattle’s budget blown half to hell over COVID and the protests, just wait until you see what happens when the lawsuits finally get resolved.

Elections have consequences, we are told. The consequences of Seattle putting a gaggle of ideologues and mental midgets in charge will have some serious ones.

Keep that in mind next time you all head out to the polls, would you?

And don’t expect America to bail you out for your little experiment in Anarchy. Each State has a certain degree of sovereignty… and with that comes the expectation that you will clean up your own mess when those ideas blow up in your faces.