Settle Down CNN, Trump Will NOT Be ‘Nuking’ US Cities

Written by Wes Walker on June 2, 2020

CNN has arrived at end-stage Trump Derangement Syndrome. The condition seems terminal. There is no end in sight.

The media arm of the DNC is oblivious to any wrongdoing by Trump’s predecessor, up to and including any abuses of authority that may have violated the rights of other Americans. (See: General Flynn)

They seem oblivious to the fact that the use of authority exercised by Trump — even though goaded to exceed it — is conscientiously bounded within his Constitutional Article II powers, and laws already on the books. Even examples like his unorthodox manner of funding for the Wall involved creative solutions that did not paint beyond of the lines of Constitutional powers and legislation.

And yet, CNN never misses an opportunity to call Trump a ‘dictator’, an ‘authoritarian’, or a menace to the Constitution. Those accusations might be taken more seriously if they had any examples of Trump doing the sorts of things they allege.

Their latest fever-dream may yet be the stupidest thing they’ve said yet. And yes, that is some stiff competition.

To hear this guy tell it, Trump is going to unleash the full might of the nuclear arsenal, our military strike planes, and Aircraft Carriers against… protesters?

In fact, the closest anyone has come to threatening anything close to that would be your guy, Eric Swalwell. And we don’t mean those embarrassing on-air farts, either.

What, did you think we forgot about Swawell’s gaffe about nukes?

He suggested that if 2a were ever used against a rogue government, the government would use nukes against their citizens.

Seems pretty stupid, really. But considering how dirty and underhanded his politics have been, I don’t want to see him anywhere near the levers of power. That goes for his whole party.