High-Ranking Trump Appointee Is Another Black ‘First’… Race-Obsessed Media Silent

Written by Wes Walker on June 13, 2020

An honest media calls balls and strikes. A dishonest media suppresses any stories that might disprove their claims. As you read this story, ask yourself which the national media has been doing.

Amid claims of ‘systematic racism’ ripping the nation apart, mostly leveled by Democrats against Republicans, you might think a story like this one would be celebrated.

This week, another leadership milestone was reached, representing another racial ‘first’. The Senate confirmed another Trump nominee; they did so by a landslide.

Way back on March 2nd — long before the Democrats, activists and the news people began working to push the Trump-Is-Why-America-is-White-supremacist propaganda into high gear — General Charles brown was nominated to become the Chief of Staff of the Air Force…

…appointed by the President of the United States (US) Donald Trump to become the Chief of Staff of the Air Force (KSAU) has just been approved by the US Senate. General Charles Brown officially made history as the first black person to become KSAU in the US.

Announcement of the appointment of Brown as the new KSAU was delivered by Trump through his Twitter account. The US Senate approved the appointment of General Brown as Chief of Staff of the US Air Force in a 98-0 vote. Trump called this decision a historic day in the US.

As reported by ABC News, Wednesday (10/6) Brown is a four-star general and former combat pilot who has served in the Air Force for 36 years. Brown currently leads the Pacific Air Force, which commands around 46,000 pilots, who are assigned mainly to South Korea, Japan, Guam, Hawaii, and Alaska. — News24

Those of us on the right — who have actually embraced Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King’s values of preferring merit and character to racial externalities — would gladly celebrate his appointment in the way we celebrate other great and competent leaders in their field, in the way we celebrate Col. West or Dr. Carson.

But for those who measure milestones in melanin content, this should stand as one more data point in contradiction to the ‘systematic racism’ claims.

But it will be roundly ignored by the press… while they wet their collectivist pants in excitement as they see political slogans painted on the streets.

Of course, nobody on their side will be looking too carefully at what ideas might be lurking within that friendly-looking Trojan Horse.


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