WATCH: Politico Journo Asks Kayleigh McEnany If POTUS Thinks The South’s Civil War Loss Was A ‘Good Thing’

Written by Wes Walker on June 30, 2020

The White House Press Corps seems hellbent on disproving Voltaire’s claim, ‘Anything too stupid to be said is sung.’

They are desperate to tag Trump as racist. And why wouldn’t they be? If Democrats lose their lock on the Black voting block, their entire electoral strategy explodes.

Since 2016, Trump had begun making significant inroads into that Demographic stronghold. Pushing this Trump-is-racist narrative (which The NewYorkTimes was planning as their official strategy since the minute Russian Collusion collapsed with the Mueller Report) gives their Dem agenda a political advantage of suppressing the Black Republican vote without needing to actually address the issues they might be looking at Trump in the first place.

With the rash of rioters destroying public monuments, the Democrats, including the Media (D) in the White House Press Corps, are trying to paint Trump as an apologist for the pro-slavery Democrat Confederacy.

This was the Politico reporter, Ryan Lizza, doing his best to win the stupidest question of 2020 nomination:


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