CNN Tweet Uses The Phrase ‘Individuals With A Cervix’ To Describe Women–No, This Is Not Satire

Written by K. Walker on July 31, 2020

CNN continues to beclown itself as a media outlet.

It’s a good thing they ditched the “Most Trusted Name In News” slogan since their ratings have been tanking steadily for years, because Boy, Howdy they’re really effing stuff up over there!

An evening tweet by CNN got a whole lot of attention and it was for all the wrong reasons.

The official CNN Twitter account posted a tweet about cervical cancer but didn’t include the word “woman” in the headline or anywhere in the article. 

So, that is completely dehumanizing to women.

But remember…CNN is all about “Facts First.”

Clearly CNN needs a refresher course on the basics of biology.

Conservatives “pounced”–which is the term that the Media(D) uses to describe conservatives exposing the idiocy of the left.

Mollie Hemmingway mocked CNN for their “facts first” reporting on women’s health (or is it only “women’s health” when it relates to abortion? Really, who can keep up these days?)

One of Trump’s Meme Dream Team had his own hilarious take mocking the Apple/Banana “Facts First” ad:

Others stuck to the facts:

This one gets a Gold Star:

Others took a more “scientific” approach in their criticism:

(I couldn’t resist that one.)

This is nothing new.

What’s so weird is that woke leftists are committed to dehumanizing and recategorizing what being a “woman” means. Even the somewhat “woke” Merriam-Webster dictionary definition for “woman” is “an adult female person.”

For people who are very concerned about the “erasure” of entire groups of people and are very concerned about The Patriarchy™, the activist leftists are just fine with this new form of the Patriarchy where biological men who self-identify as women are defining what a woman is while biological women are called things like “individuals with a cervix” or Planned Parenthood’s favored term, “menstruators.”

If you don’t think that this is a direct attack on women as a category of human beings, then why didn’t CNN do the same thing describing men as people possessing male body parts?

Why the double-standard, CNN?

I wouldn’t be what you’d consider a feminist, but even I find it a bit weird that even though there is a documented rise in gender dysphoria among teenagers who are biologically female, all of the attention and the actual changing of language is done to appease biological men who identify as women. That’s what this refusal to define “women” as “women” is. Sure, they might say that the language includes transgender men (biological women identifying as men) as well as non-binary and intersex individuals, but it also placates the angry, aggressive transgender women who demand to be called women. The ones that want to punch or kill TERFs.

The alteration of language is no longer just being done by fringe activists–this is CNN.

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