DISGUSTING: Flag Pole At 9/11 Firefighter Memorial Cut Down By Vandals

Written by K. Walker on July 10, 2020

Just when you think that the mob has sunk as low as they can get–they vandalize a 9/11 memorial.

The flagpole at a memorial for five firefighters from Washingtonville, NY who died on 9/11 when the World Trade Center collapsed, was vandalized on Tuesday night. The flagpole was cut four to five feet from its base and a message was scrawled in marker on the portion that remained standing. Washingtonville Police Chief Brian Zaccaro said that he did not want the message disclosed while the investigation is just beginning.

Mayor Joseph Bucco said that a resident texted him photos of the damage on Wednesday morning.

Police suspect the same vandals also pushed over and damaged the sign for St. Mary’s Parish Center, about a half mile away. An eagle figure that had been removed from the top of the cut-down flagpole was left next to the toppled church sign.

The memorial includes a semi-circle of black granite monuments bearing the names of five local victims of the 2001 terrorist attacks, all members of the New York City Fire Department: firefighters Mark Whitford, Bobby Hamilton and Gerry Nevins, Batallion Chief Dennis Devlin and Lt. Glenn Perry. Atop each stone is a replica of a firefighter’s helmet.

The somber, granite-and-brick tribute to the “Washingtonville Five” and the other 9/11 victims was completed on Sept. 7, 2002, in time for the first anniversary of their deaths.

Source: Times Herald-Record


I’m old enough to remember back in March when we were all lauding our first responders.

I’m also old enough to remember that terrible September morning in 2001 when I watched as the second plane hit the South tower. I recall clearly the equal parts admiration and dread knowing that the first responders heading fearlessly into those buildings were likely heading to their deaths. The horror I felt when the buildings collapsed on those heroes who tried to save every life–regardless of race–that they possibly could without a thought to their own.

It hasn’t been that long. How could anyone in America destroy a monument to those selfless heroes? It’s unfathomable.

But now, first responders are just part of the system that needs to be dismantled.

Does Speaker Nancy Pelosi approve of this kind of vandalism? After all, she said of statue-topplers, “people do what they do.” Pelosi seemed to approve of mobs making the executive decisions of what sort of monuments and memorials we should have on public spaces and if they decide it isn’t appropriate, they can just remove it.

Leave it to the Democrats to stand up for the mobs.

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