Is This A Hate Crime? Rwandan ‘Refugee’ Confesses To Torching Cathedral

Written by Wes Walker on July 27, 2020

Remember the abuse Trump took when reading that poem about the snake during the election? He was supposedly ‘racist’ for pointing out that not every ‘refugee’ had honest intent.

It was a poem about a woman, who prompted by compassion, took in an injured snake and nursed it back to health. It backfired when she was fatally bitten by the snake after she had shown it such kindness. Trump used this metaphor to criticize the wave of unvetted ‘refugees’ that had been pouring into Europe at the time.

His point was underscored by a spike in violence, particularly at the hands of various extremists.

Trump was tagged as a racist who hated immigration from the beginning. But that missed the point. He didn’t have a problem with immigration, he had a problem with the lack of SCREENING would-be immigrants or refugees. He wanted to differentiate those who come with a good will and honest intent from those with a shady history that are bringing their bad intentions in with them.

This story highlights exactly the point he was pilloried for trying to make.

Lawyer for a volunteer at A gothic cathedral in the city of Nantes, in western France said he confessed to setting fire to the building which severely damaged his 17th-century organ and blew up stained glass windows.

The 39-year-old defendant, an asylum seeker from Rwanda who has lived in France for several years, was arrested earlier this month after laboratory tests determined arson was the likely cause of the fire, the local prosecutor’s office said.

…Prosecutors opened an arson investigation after the fire on the morning of July 18 after finding it had erupted in three different places in the church, which the volunteer had locked up the night before.

He was arraigned for questioning the next day, but later released without charge, the rector of the cathedral saying: “I trust him as I trust all in attendance.”

But Nantes prosecutor Pierre Sennes said in a statement he had been charged with “destruction and damage by fire” and faces up to 10 years in prison and 150,000 euros ($ 175,000) in fines.

“He admitted during his first appearance for questioning before the examining magistrate to have lit three fires in the cathedral: at the main organ, at the small organ and at the electrical panel,” Sennes told Presse-Océan on Sunday.

…While firefighters managed to contain the Nantes blaze after just two hours and save the main structure of the cathedral, the famous organ, which dates back to 1621 and survived the French Revolution and WWII bombings, was destroyed.

Priceless artifacts and paintings have also been lost, including a work by 19th-century artist Hippolyte Flandrin and stained-glass windows containing remains of 16th-century glass.

Work on the cathedral began in 1434 and continued over the following centuries until 1891.

Clearly, the rector should not have trusted him.

If only someone could have warned him…

Oh. Right.