LMAO: Bombshell Nicole Arbour Blows Up SJWs With Parody Law Firm Video

Written by Wes Walker on July 23, 2020

You’ve seen all those OTHER slip and fall lawyer ads. Now see the one that 2020 is REALLY crying out for.

That’s right…

Nicole Arbour brings us the TV spot for the up-and-coming law firm of choice for Precious Snowflakes everywhere — SJ&W.

And it’s LIT.

Did words on the internet hurt your feels?

Your rights matter more than anyone elses, and your feelings should be taken as facts… because your offended on behalf of everyone and everything in lieu of having a personality.

Those are just 2 of the many fantastic digs she makes against the perpetually offended ‘culture warriors’.

And who’s going to need this fictional law firm to exist in real life more than anybody?

Little tinkerpots that come within 5 feet of this book.

Check out ClashRadio for more wit and wisdom from ClashDaily’s Big Dawg. While you’re at it, here’s his latest book:

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