The Real Jesus Versus Evangelicalism’s Wussy Christ

Written by Doug Giles on August 14, 2020

Who IS this Jesus we’re talking about, anyway? Is he the innofensive hipster bro we see portrayed by TV preachers? Or does he drop tough truths that can crack the thickest of skulls?

Which Jesus has this world shown you?

Better question: if you’re a Christian, which Jesus are YOU showing to the world?

One version is Jesus as he really schlepped this third rock from the sun. The other one is a theological fiction set up so that we don’t have to face the tough truths that the Son of God liked to bust up our favorite sacred cows with.

Buckle up, because this week we’re looking at that question Jesus asked his disciples…

‘Who do YOU say that I am?’

If your picture of Jesus brings up a soft-focus image of a platitude slinging hippie in a Mumu and slippers, you’re off by about 180 degrees.

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