Creepy Joe Biden’s Creepiest Hits–This Is NOT Normal (Video)

Written by K. Walker on August 11, 2020

For years conservatives have been mentioning that Joe Biden’s touchy-feely ways with women and young girls is pretty creepy.

But now, the former Vice President has been “credibly accused” of sexual assault and several Democrat women have said that his behavior has made them uncomfortable–it’s still ignored.

Heck, Biden has also been criticized by female Secret Service agents for his penchant for skinny dipping and that was largely ignored.

Well, let’s see how long Biden’s creepy ways can be ignored when much of it is put together in a single video. (Don’t worry, there’s no skinny dipping.)

Before you think that this is just a “right-wing attack” well, even hardcore lefties thought that his behavior was pretty creepy.

In one of those memorable moments, Jon Stewart pretended to put hand sanitizer in his eyes after watching a clip of Joe with Senator Chris Coon’s daughter.


This is the best that the Democrats had to offer–a 77-year old who is clearly losing it, is hiding in his basement, and gets a bit too handsy with women and young girls.

And the left truly believes that this guy will win in 2020.

Then again, they also think that real socialism has never been tried, violent riots are “peaceful protests,” and that biology is based on someone’s personal feelings.

Yes, these people really do live in their own imaginary worlds. Unfortunately, if they find their way out of mommy and daddy’s basements, they vote in this world.

Don’t be complacent or you could have a creepy “Hair Sniffer In Chief” running the country and who wants that? Ick.

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