Nearly Three Dozen Somalis Say That Rep. Ilhan Omar May Have Committed A ‘Spree Of Felonies’–Here’s The 411

Written by Wes Walker on August 11, 2020

“Almost anything she put her name on for eight years was either perjury or fraud.” — David Steinberg, Investigative Reporter

If a Republican did have as much as this chick, they’d want his head on a platter. It makes you wonder why she’s getting a pass?

Are Democrats that afraid of being outflanked and destroyed by the hardcore left of their own party? Are Democrats so beholden to the activist money machine on the far left that they have to accept her?

Or is Omar just more upfront about what the whole damned party believes than the rest of her party? It’s hard to know for sure.

But let’s take a look at the LATEST thing they are turning a blind eye to. (We can add it to the pile of others.)

The Chinavirus claimed the life of Ilhan Omar’s father. That was unfortunate news, as the death of someone’s family member is never to be celebrated. (Unless it’s an ‘austere scholar’ like Al Baghdadi, or a contemptible dog, like Solemani. Three cheers for the operators that wiped those stains from the face of the planet.)

But the outpourings of support during the family’s grief only served to establish further credibility to the claims that Ilhan Omar has been falsifying her family name in order to commit immigration fraud. It appears strongly as if she has perjured herself on multiple occasions.

And we all know, from having it drummed into our heads through that impeachment farce that absolutely NO ONE is above the law.

The Blaze has a link-heavy report explaining just who her father is, and why that is evidence that she has been falsifying official documents about her identity for a long time. And she has been doing so for personal gain.

His relevance to Rep. Omar’s landmark scandal is, of course, his birth name. Upon arriving in the United States in 1995, he claimed to be “Nur Omar Mohamed” and received a Social Security number with this name. However, all appeared to know him as Nur Said. He presented himself as Nur Said. Both Ilhan and her sister Sahra Noor referred to their father as Nur Said (prior to deleting the evidence). He is identified on-screen as “Nur Said, Ilhan’s father” in the 2018 documentary film “Time for Ilhan” and again as “Nur Said” in the credits. Twice.

Most importantly, British citizen Leila Nur Said Elmi declared her father to be “Nur Said Elmi, military officer” on her 1997 marriage application. (Click the link to see the application and a photo of Leila Nur Said Elmi with both Ilhan and Nur Said.)

From 2009 until 2017, Ilhan Omar was married (by a Christian minister) to British citizen Ahmed Nur Said Elmi. Somali naming customs are patrilineal and do not use family surnames. For example, “Ahmed Nur Said Elmi” implies that Ahmed’s father is “Nur,” his grandfather is “Said,” and his great-grandfather is “Elmi.”

Also from 2009 until 2017, Ilhan Omar lived with, raised three kids with, and illegally filed multiple joint tax returns with a second man — not Ahmed Nur Said Elmi.

Just a couple months after marrying, Ilhan and her legal husband both enrolled at North Dakota State University and received federal financial aid. Married couples are not required to submit evidence of their respective parents’ assets on FAFSA applications and thus likely receive much more favorable loan terms.

Almost certainly, Rep. Omar fraudulently married her brother, a British citizen, in the service of immigration fraud, education fraud, and federal student loan fraud. Along the way, she filed at least two years of fraudulent tax returns, and possibly eight. She lived in several different subsidized housing units during this time. She likely received subsidized health care and child care during this time. For eight years, every application she signed for state and federal aid was likely fraudulent. During her 2017 divorce from Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, Ilhan submitted a nine-question statement to the court signed under penalty of perjury. Literally — she signed just below the statement of acknowledgment. Eight of her nine answers appear to be perjurious. Each instance is punishable by up to five years’ imprisonment. TheBlaze

The original article digs even deeper if you want to see just how deep that rabbit hole goes.

We’re wondering why the Democrats are so willing to look the other way?

Do they see her as that great of an asset? Or do they see pissing her off as that great of a threat?