Hey Patriots: Remember The Time Fauci Blocked A Cheap & Effective HIV Treatment? Dr. Risch Does

Written by Wes Walker on August 24, 2020

The cynical question thrown at most political decisions is ‘follow the money’. It might not be the case here. But it WOULD fit a pattern of past behavior.

In a segment on Mark Levin’s Sunday show on Fox, “Life, Liberty, and Levin” he sat down with Dr. Harvey Risch, an epidemiology prof from Yale with over 300 peer-reviewed articles under his belt. He’s hardly got the CV of a ‘crank’ that ‘hates science’. But you could expect the mainstream media to dismiss him has such anyway because he is bucking the conventional wisdom. Unfortunately for the naysayers, he is giving medical ‘chapter and verse’ for his reasons for making his claims.

In a world that has come down so aggressively against the potential of any benefits of Hydroxychloroquine, this Yale Professor has been swimming against the stream.

He has gone so far as to say (on Marks’ show) that he has never seen a study for any other medication that has shown STRONGER indicators for the benefits of use than he has for the data associated with the use of this medication as a treatment for a specific subset of COVID-19 patients.

His opinion about the flaws inherent in some studies that do not support the use of that treatment are explained in the show, and relate to the studies being applied to the wrong groups of patients, those who would not fit the ideal treatment profile in the first place for various reasons.

But in the middle of his interview, he mentioned something that might otherwise have seemed a throwaway line in the program if it did not refer to Dr. Anthony Fauci himself.

The segment with Dr. Risch begins at the 20-minute mark. (This comes after a great discussion with another expert about how Democrats are deliberately setting up a Constitutional crisis over the question of election fraud because of their pushing of mail-in voting, which is good viewing in its own right.)

The 22:16-24:31 timestamp in the vido covers where he goes into Dr. Rish’s explanation for why HCQ is an important and viable treatment option.

A little later on, he gets into Dr. Fauci’s curiously similar HIV decision way back in 1987.

That clip cuts off before final segment.

But this one continues right to the end, where the part about HIV comes in.

Levin asks a pointed question about the government and its practices.

If you only catch 5 minutes of the show, make it these five minutes:

Levin asks Dr. Risch about the FDA slowing down the authorization of certain life-saving drugs, and whether these decisions might be based on something other than science.

Risch cites an 1987 decision — in which Fauchi was involved — that used the same line of objection to a promising treatment for HIV/AIDS patients dying from a form of pneumonia to receive a generic, cheap, and proven antibiotic that had long been used for other purposes.

Fauci and his fifteen advisors blocked it, claiming there were not double-blind studies — sound familiar?

Then the FDA was prevented from funding any randomized trials using this generic medication to treat this particular pneumonia.

AIDS patients raised their own money for the testing, but it took two years. In the mean time, the FDA approved AZT as a treatment. It works, but requires other drugs to work in tandem with it.

While they were waiting for treatment, 17,000 people with AIDS died. Risch lays those deaths directly at the feet of Dr. Fauci’s refusal to proceed with the trials of this generic drug.

What were his reasons?

It’s tough to read minds.

And yet, we cannot help but notice that both of these promising treatments that Fauci actively discouraged the use of clinical trials for just happen to be generic drugs with no profit potential.

If Fauci were not the darling of the Left, and if the COVID body count was not part of the Democrat re-election strategy, Fauci would be blasted with brutal comparisons to Dr. Kvorkian.

And they would STILL find some way to make everything Trump’s fault.

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