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Man In Viral Video Attacking Macy’s Employee For Allegedly Using The N-Word Testifies His Brother Lied To Him

The attacker here caught a break. And he got it from the man he beat the crap out of… is there maybe a lesson to be learned there?

It wasn’t so long ago that kids were taught the ‘sticks and stones’ reaction to being called names. Don’t overreact.

The guy in this video never got that memo.

Damire C. Palmer beat the bloody hell out of a Macy’s store employee who had done nothing wrong, not because the employee had done anything to him personally, but because his brother claimed to have been called a Bad Word. It shouldn’t really matter WHICH Bad Word he was called. None of them would justify beating the crap out of a stranger, especially while he was on the job, but the Bad Word the employee was beaten up for saying was the N-word.

There were a number of big problems with Palmer’s reasons for beating the crap out of this stranger. The biggest of them is this: it never happened.

In Palmer’s own testimony, he admitted:

“The statement that (my brother) made was untrue and I swung on him for no reason,” said Palmer, of hitting the employee multiple times on July 15.

…When asked by Genesee County Assistant Prosecutor Patrick McCombs why his brother would lie to him, Palmer responded: “I wouldn’t know. I honestly wouldn’t.”

“But you took your brother at his word, right?” asked McCombs.

“Yes, I did,” Palmer said.

When asked by McCombs if the assault that injured the store employee was over the alleged use of the racial slur, Palmer said yes. — MLive

Macy’s, to their credit, didn’t throw their employee under the bus despite the unfounded racial allegation against him.

The victim, astonishingly, took the high road. His attacker could have faced up to 10 years in prison. The judge explained:

In speaking with the victim, McCombs told the court that Palmer would be sentenced under the Holmes Youthful Training Act, which could lead to probation on a lesser charge of aggravated assault after completion of any programming order by a circuit court judge.

The decision came after consultation with the victim.

“If he did not approve of this, you would not be getting this possibility,” said Manley. “You understand what kind of break that man gave you?”

“This is a big deal for your life. I really want you to understand that,” she said. “I agree that programming needs to be put in place and you need to have strict guidelines before you are out in the community.” — MLive

Maybe this is a moment we could ALL take a deep breath and ask ourselves whether the media and politician’s habit of looking for racists under every bush could have unintended negative consequences not just for the white people being unjustly accused of actions they’ve never committed, but by also black people who buy into the narrative?

Real tough guys don’t have to prove it by swinging at strangers unprovoked.

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