Obama’s Funeral Grandstanding Wasn’t The FIRST Time His Politics Leveraged A Funeral

Written by Wes Walker on August 2, 2020

Obama had a rare opportunity during a Civil Rights icon’s funeral. He had the opportunity to bring us closer together, or drive us further apart. We all knew exactly which way this was going to go.

Naturally — facts be damned — Obama stood up during that funeral and poured gas on the flames.

He had every opportunity to mark the progress America hs made from the time of Lincoln until today. To highlight the fact that he, personally, benefited from the social changes brought about by the man whose life and death they were memorializing. But he didn’t.

Gratitude isn’t Obama’s strong suit.

Polemics? Division? Fingerpointing? Now THOSE are some things Obama is REALLY good at.

Obama went into a tirade with all kinds of ridiculous hyperbole and accusations framing America as an evil place we should all be ashamed to even acknowledge as home; framing America as something that should be ripped down to the foundation and rebuilt in his image.

He put America in the worst possible light. Using their terminology, it was filled with ‘dogwhistles’ and political calls-to-action to push forward a Democrat agenda point-by-point, with some looming threat of racism being the justification.

It’s hardly the first time he’s used an American death to help his political agendas.

With the death of Trayvon Martin, Obama didn’t wait for the trial to bring forward all the facts of the case. He publicly presumed Zimmerman’s guilt during an ongoing criminal trial. Obama made sure Trayvon was seen as a sympathetic figure, likening him to a son and using this one instance as proof of anti-black prejudice and violence more generally.

With the shootings in Sandy Hook, the guy whose Gun Walking scandal armed the men who murdered an American agent wiped a tear from his eye and leveraged the bodies of those children to push for new gun control legislation.

With his re-election looming, he used the occasion of the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi to redirect blame away from himself, his failed policies, or his failures of leadership. Obama and Hillary swore to us, with flag-draped coffins in the background, to see that justice was served. It never was.

Instead, he saw to it that Susan Rice did the Sunday circuit, spreading what they all knew to be a lie they before some relative nobody was very publicly arrested over some irrelevant Youtube video so that his re-election efforts wouldn’t be hindered by the deaths of four men.

What about Dallas?

Five Police officers were shot dead, and 9 others were injured.

Those police officers had been giving safe passage to a BLM march at the time. Some of them, not realizing that THEY were the intended targets, reportedly shielded civilians with their own bodies.

The murderer was explicitly racially motivated. He hated white people, in particular, white law enforcement. And what did Obama address? Systemic racism of … the Police.

You heartless ghoul.

There was ONE funeral he went to that racism would have been a very appropriate topic. Robert Byrd was once a KKK recruiter. But since he was so well-loved by the Democrats, that particular topic never came up with Obama and the Clintons eulogized him.

And what was Obama’s song and dance all about at John Lewis’s funeral?

Obama falsely claimed that Republicans were trying to corrupt the election. Because we support Voter ID, so that actual votes aren’t invalidated by illicit ballot stuffing, or cast into doubt because of known issues of mail delivery SNAFUs.

No, this isn’t some kind of a sneaky way of trying to suppress the vote, you Aninskyite agitator.

Or would you have us believe that THIS guy was a bigot, too:

Oh, right.

That’s ANOTHER funeral where he made a total ass of himself.

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