Black Lives Matter Activist To White People And BLM Critics: We’re Just ‘Holier Than You’ (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on September 3, 2020

You guessed it — he’s here to tell us the looting and rioting is ‘entirely justifiable’.

Let’s forget for just a moment that not everyone in America with pigmented skin has a forefather who came over on a slave ship, and hear what this guy has to say.

This Seattle-based BLM activist has some deep thoughts to drop on the rest of us.

He’d like to “tell [us] a couple of words for consideration.”

Alright, Aristotle, we’ll play along. Take us to school.

Wow. So profound.

In case you missed that, or had trouble making out what he was saying, here’s a recap.

He names the local news station directly and began his little rant. He’s addressing what follows to White folks and non-supporters of BLM.

“We’re all human beings at the end of the day. Just we’re more holier than you guys, man. And you just f**ked up ‘cuz we started a whole bunch of s**t that you guys just took from us. You guys took us from a whole other continent and brought us here. And now we built this up, like [unintelligible] of the game. An’ it’s so crazy. Yes my side [unintelligible] n****s but my acknowledging my examples means a lot because this is the f***ing truth. I just want to let you guys know. Have a nice night, and I hope you guys realize Black Lives Matter too, we’re human like you.

Where do we even start?

1. We ARE all human beings. This is true.

That’s why it’s a bad idea to ‘otherize’ people just because they have a certain skin color. (FYI: White is *also* a skin color.)

2. ‘More holier’ — by what standard?

How about these three — Don’t covet, Don’t steal, Don’t kill. How’s your movement doing on the most basic of the ‘thou shalt nots’?

Better yet — how about those churches that have been vandalized or burned? Are you going to offer that to God as evidence of your ‘holiness’?

3. We started a bunch of s**t…

You’re gonna have to be more specific than that.

Homes? Farms?

Fast food chains? International banking?

What, exactly, did you make?

3. …that ‘you guys’ took from us.

Don’t know how to tell you this Sparky, but You’re in SEATTLE. Most white folks never owned slaves ANYWHERE, let alone in SEATTLE. There’s a good chance none of this guy’s ancestors were slaves, either.

And how is this phantom property ‘yours’ and not the rightful property of whoever it was ‘taken’ from?

Fidel Castro is a specific example of a guy on this side of the world who ‘took people’s stuff’. And you folks are pushing his political model. We’re going to have to call BS on your entire rant.

Including the part where you pretend to see all humans as equal.

This was in a park in Seattle. Notice the garbage bags in the background.

What happened shortly after this was filmed?

Pretty much what you think would have happened.

BLM bullied their way into that park with their new favorite intimidation slogan ‘move back’…

They grabbed the trash bags and weaponized them.

But these scumbags aren’t hooligans in an orgy of destruction. No, not at all.

They were ‘driven’ to this, don’t you see?

You might not want to play that ‘holy’ card.

You may think you’re pretty badass.

But you’re not going to out-box God.

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