COVIDICTATORS: Flight Canceled, Family Kicked Off Of A Plane For Not Masking Their 19-Month Old(VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on September 10, 2020

They tell us this is about ‘science’ and not about fear and control. But they are clearly lying.

Nobody likes the masks. They are uncomfortable to wear, they are dubious in how effective they are, you wind up breathing warm, stale air. It sucks.

Even a toddler understands that. What a toddler does NOT understand is that an airline can be so hellbent on upholding dubious rules that they don’t leave room for common sense… and would kick them off a flight because a toddler doesn’t want that uncomfortable, nasty thing on his face.

It might be more understandable if young children were a known risk for succumbing to the Chinavirus, or if they were massive spreaders of it. Statistically, they are not. Which makes the following story all the more indefensible:

Safwan Choudhry, his wife and two daughters, ages three and 19 months, had boarded the red-eye flight Tuesday morning heading home to Toronto when four crew members approached them in their seats, he said.

The crew told Choudhry and his wife that both of their children need to be wearing masks.

“My older daughter was eating a snack so we asked if she could finish and they said no, she needs to put it on now, otherwise the plane won’t take off and we said no problem,” he said. “My wife got the mask (on the three-year-old) with a little bit of hesitation and then they turned to my 19-month-old and said she also needs to wear a mask.”

He said she had never worn a mask before but, having one for her, they complied.

“We just wanted to get home, this is the last flight so we will comply with whatever they tell us to do,” he said. “She certainly struggled because our 19-month-old has never had anything obstruct her nose or mouth . . . So she became very hysterical and we still tried to keep the mask on her face.”

It was then that Choudhry said the crew told the family that they were being ejected from the flight because their younger daughter would clearly not be able to keep the mask on her face for the duration of the flight. —CalgaryHerald

That’s when everything hit the fan. Notice the sound of the baby’s crying in the midst of some ‘Karens’ and some cops who seem to be ignorant of the rules they were supposedly enforcing.

“[The flight attendant] said, ‘I’m asking you for the last time because the next time it will be police that will come here and they will arrest you and you will leave with your child,'” Choudhry recounted.

Two Calgary police officers arrived on scene but told Global News that their presence was only for reinforcements as no charges were levelled against the family.

“This is bulls*t! You’re ignorant!” can be heard on camera shouted over the baby’s screams as one officer in a bicycle helmet approached the seated family and chastised how they were “reminded several times” to mask up.

…The family questioned why law enforcement was warranted given that their 19-month-old is exempt from the COVID-19 mask policy and their three-year-old followed instructions. Transport Canada dictates that children under two years of age are absolved of the guidelines.

Officials confirmed that Flight 652 was cancelled after patrons ‘chose not to comply with the Transport Canada order related to the wearing of masks on-board the aircraft for all guests two and older.” —PostMillenial

Quite simply, the staff involved in that decision should be fired without hesitation. Those cops should have their superior officer assign them to whatever unpleasant task is appropriate for helping them learn never to repeat this kind of a royal screw-up.

The policy doesn’t even require that children under two wear a mask. When the parents DID try to put that mask on the kid’s face — she has never before worn one — there was hysterical crying. What did they reasonably expect the parents to do about it?

They were just trying to take the RedEye flight back to their home.

What, exactly, was to be gained in terms of public safety by strongarming this toddler into compliance?

Absolutely nothing.

Can we finally be done with this stupid Chinavirus farce? It’s getting out of hand.