Long Island Student SUSPENDED For Showing Up For Class–No, This Is Not Satire

Written by Wes Walker on September 10, 2020

Is there some sort of contest for the most ridiculous draconian COVID school discipline? Or does this level of stupidity just come naturally to these people?

In case you thought that stupid story about the kid being singled out for playing with his toy gun while ‘distance learning’ was just a one-off of dumb decision making, a school in Long Island just doubled down to show prove this really is part of a larger trend.

(Here’s that toy gun story, in case you missed it: WTF? 12 Yr Old Boy Suspended For 5 Days For Waving Toy Gun During Virtual Class)

In the old days, a student might catch hell for skipping school.

But this is the new-and-improved Bizarro World of administrative ridiculousness. Now you can catch hell for … showing up.

That’s right. A kid just landed himself in hot water because he came to school.

A Long Island high school senior was suspended for attending in-person classes at the school even though he was supposed to be remote as a part of the hybrid learning schedule.

Maverick Stow, 17, a senior at William Floyd High School, showed up to class on Tuesday morning because he believes he should be in school five days a week.

The school divided up groups of students to attend in-person and remote classes on different days in an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

A teacher noticed he was not on the roster to attend in-person classes that day and he was called to the principal’s office.

Stow said administrators asked him to leave school grounds and he refused saying, ‘Well, no, I think I need to go to class. This is during class time.’

Stow said he left the principal’s office, went back to class, and finished the day without being stopped.

At the end of the school day, he was informed he’d be suspended for five days.

‘I was going to school like students should be going to school. I think that a five-day suspension is out of line,’ he said to ABC7.

Stow’s parents were outraged that he was punished for trying to go to school as normal. –DailyMail

This isn’t about ‘the science’ and it hasn’t been for quite some time.

There is far more evidence to suggest this is really about fear and control.

Either these decisions are driven by fear of various kinds, or they are leveraging the fear others have to achieve private or political objectives.

Fear should never drive your life.

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