Trump Campaign Ad Pushes Back Against Anonymous-Sourced Atlantic Article

Written by Wes Walker on September 10, 2020

The Democrats must be desperate. They are employing every dirty play against they can muster. Even if it means making crap up.

The Atlantic ran a ridiculous story about Trump claiming he said disparaging things about the Military, which Joe Biden immediately leveraged to pretend he was the great defender of the American armed forces.

Trump has responded with an ad that puts the farcical accusation in the proper perspective.

Pretty strange take for a guy who opposed the killing of Bin Laden and Solemani, who backed the Sequestration that gutted the US armed forces, and whose previous stint in the White House led to ISIS and Iran becoming stronger while our own military became depleted in money, manpower and most especially, lives, in endless wars without any particular end game in sight.

Trump is the anti-patriot? That’s about as credible as the hit piece the media ran about Trump golfing on Thanksgiving when he was, in fact, visiting the troops. If anything, he’s often been accused of being too affectionate to the history and traditions of the country.

Plenty of people who were present that day, including people who hate him and want him to lose in November, are calling BS on the Atlantic’s anonymous hit piece.

Now, Trump’s team is running an ad to remind us what he’s really like. What he has consistently said what Democrats do not. It’s what the party who can barely bring themselves to even suggest that America might be great stop short of saying.

‘The dignity, daring and devotion of the American military is unrivaled anywhere in the world,’ he says.

He praised ‘the eternal bonds of loyalty to our fallen heroes’, which he says Americans are reminded of every time they sing the National Anthem.

‘We remember the young Americans who never got the chance to grow old, but whose legacy will outlive us all,’ he continues, praising Americans who gave their lives to carry the flag across seas and deserts.

‘We stand with you today, and all days to come – remembering, grieving,’ he says.

‘They were angels, sent from above, and they are now rejoined with God in the glorious kingdom of Heaven.’

To the footage of a child waving the Stars and Stripes, as fireworks explode on the horizon, he vows: ‘American freedom will never, ever die.’

‘God bless America,’ he concludes, as a fly past cruises overhead. —DailyMail

America is great, he reminds us, and America has been made great in large part because of those who fought and sometimes fell beneath the banner of the Stars and Stripes.

Do they seriously want us to believe that the same President Trump who once stooped to retrieve the hat that blew off of a Marine’s head, has utter contempt for the military?

Or that he skipped out on one debate to have a fundraiser for the military during 2016?

Did we all forget about that, too?

Or that he’s been busy fixing the VA crisis Obama (and Biden!) handed him? The one described with the words ‘pattern of negligence’?