DEFUND ANARCHY: Trump Gives Lawless Dem Cities Some BAD News

Written by Wes Walker on September 3, 2020

Activists have been trying to goad Trump into becoming authoritarian in his response to the looting and burning. Imagine their frustration when his innovative solutions respect Constitutional boundaries.

The Catch-22 they’ve set up for him isn’t working.

If he does nothing, they’ll call him ‘weak’.
If he sends troops in to crush the uprisings, they’ll claim he is suppressing lawful protest.

Does this mean it’s Checkmate for the anarchists?

Hardly. Trump and his team are out-of-the-box thinkers.

With Portland, that meant cross-deputizing some State Troopers to bypass an obstructionist thug-hugging DA, involving the Federal rather than State laws and systems.

With the various Democrat cities planning to defund the police while criminals are running riot, Trump is taking another approach.

His tweet hinted at it…

Trump signed a five-page memo ordering federal agency heads to submit a report to the Office of Management and Budget detailing all federal funds provided to Seattle, Portland, New York City and Washington, D.C. within 14 days.

“My Administration will not allow Federal tax dollars to fund cities that allow themselves to deteriorate into lawless zones,” Trump stated according to a copy of the memo shared by the White House.

“To ensure that Federal funds are neither unduly wasted nor spent in a manner that directly violates our Government’s promise to protect life, liberty, and property, it is imperative that the Federal Government review the use of Federal funds by jurisdictions that permit anarchy, violence, and destruction in America’s cities,” he added.

…In the memo, Trump continued his crusade against Democratic leaders’ handling of the protest.

“As a result of these State and local government policies, persistent and outrageous acts of violence and destruction have continued unabated in many of America’s cities, such as Portland, Seattle, and New York,” the memo states. —The Hill

This might explain why Cuomo is crapping his pants right now.

The NYPost broke this story first, saying…

Federal agencies must detail “all Federal funds provided to Seattle, Portland, New York City, Washington, D.C.” Also, within 14 days, Attorney General Bill Barr must develop a list of “anarchist jurisdictions” that “permitted violence and the destruction of property to persist and have refused to undertake reasonable measures” to restore order. The memo does not require Barr to include the four cities, possibly for legal reasons.

The memo instructs White House budget director Russ Vought to issue guidance in 30 days from Wednesday “to the heads of agencies on restricting eligibility of or otherwise disfavoring, to the maximum extent permitted by law, anarchist jurisdictions in the receipt of Federal grants.”

The amounts of money impacted by Trump’s order could be massive. New York City, for example, gets about $7 billion a year in federal aid.

New York is named because of a crime wave as officials cut police funds. The city had a 177 percent spike in shootings in July compared to last year. The City Council approved a budget in July that cuts $1 billion from the NYPD’s $6 billion annual budget and eliminates $537 million in capital spending.

The memo says that “in New York City, city officials have allowed violence to spike.” —NYPost

Trump has an obligation to work to protect the safety of all American citizens.

The lawful levers he pulls on to accomplish that goal are entirely up to him.

A lifetime of building complex land deals and meeting the disparate goals of people with very different motivations has uniquely prepared him to be resourceful and adaptable to whatever the Resist crowd might throw his way.

The Left thought Trump would be playing checkers.

They have sorely underestimated their opponent.