WATCH: Tucker Carlson Explains Why Joe Biden Isn’t Disavowing Redirecting To His Campaign

Written by K. Walker on September 3, 2020

Joe seems to be doing the little wink and nod routine with regard to Antifa and militant BLM activists.

Joe Biden has been cagey and hasn’t overtly condemned aggressive Antifa or BLM activists. That’s because he knows that they are more likely to vote for him than for Trump. These are Biden voters.

Joe Biden has admitted that he decided to run for president for the third time on the basis of the Charlottesville hoax. While he constantly–and wrongly–condemns President Trump for the “very fine people on both sides” statement which Biden says referred to neo-Nazis and white supremacists, Joe simultaneously said that the Antifa thugs were part of “a courageous group of Americans” that pushed back against racism that day. Antifa members were armed with rifles, clubs, mace, and even a battering ram.

Daily Caller article from April 2019 was titled, “Joe Biden Starts Presidential Campaign By Praising Antifa.” The leftwing “fact-checker” Snopes called this claim “mostly false” because “other groups and individuals, not just Antifa, protested against white supremacy in Charlottesville, and Biden didn’t single out Antifa in his praise.”

The New York Times reported that Antifa was in Charlottesville confronting the neo-Nazis and white supremacists.

Groups that identify as anti-fascist — also known as antifa (pronounced an-TEE-fa) — have been physically confronting neo-Nazis, white supremacists and, in some cases, speakers who merely challenge the boundaries of political correctness on college campuses across the country.

In Charlottesville, about 20 members of a group called the Redneck Revolt, which describes itself as an anti-racist, anti-capitalist group dedicated to uniting working-class whites and oppressed minorities, carried rifles and formed a security perimeter around the counterprotesters in Justice Park, according to its website and social media.

The group, which admires John Brown, a white abolitionist who led an armed insurrection in 1859, issued a “call to arms” on its website: “To the fascists and all who stand with them, we’ll be seeing you in Virginia.”

Source: New York Times

Recently it’s been noted that when you type in “” into your browser, it redirects to “” The phenomenon was captured on video and shared all over social media. It was so prolific (and damaging to the Biden campaign) that Reuters fact-checked the claim stating that even though it does indeed redirect to the campaign site, “but this is not proof of a link between the two.”

Tucker Carlson took this head-on on his show agreeing with the Reuters point that it doesn’t necessarily mean that there is a link between Antifa and the Democratic nominee.

Carlson said in his Tucker Carlson way, “It seems unlikely that the Biden campaign set this up, but the Biden campaign is almost surely benefitting from it, as some percentage of its voters go on the internet looking for directions on how to make urine bombs and wind up on the campaign webpage and then give money.”

He also noted that Biden hasn’t disavowed Antifa or the militant wing of BLM the way that Trump would have to disavow the KKK if their website redirected to his campaign. Heck, Trump has been disavowing racists for decades and Biden still attacks him saying that he hasn’t. 

Yet, nobody is pushing Biden to condemn the groups that are destroying major cities. Weird, eh?

Check out Tucker’s segment here:

Meanwhile, President Trump has been pretty consistent.

If you’re looking for law and order, the choice in November is pretty clear.

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