Here’s 20+ Reasons Why Christians Should Vote For Trump

Written by Doug Giles on September 12, 2020

Anti-Trumpkins say that followers of Christ shouldn’t support the President. Here’s why that’s a truckload of B.S…

There are a ton of fantastic reasons why you should dig The Donald versus Creepy Joe if you are a Christian.

  1. Trump didn’t just notice the “rubes in flyover country” that were dismissed by Democrats, RINOs, and the Media(D)–he championed those God-loving, gun-clinging, flag-waving American patriots.
  2. America comes first rather than China, or some third-world hellhole.
  3. Trump doesn’t think that America sucks worse than an airplane toilet like those on the Left do.
  4. They hate the flag, the anthem, the Constitution, and our Founders.
  5. The “woke” leftists have ruined sports with their radical Marxist bollocks.
  6. The Democratic party isn’t keen on God.
  7. Democrats and other leftists are anti-cop and anti-military.
  8. They are pro-censorship of views they disagree with.
  9. He’s been great for the economy by slashing taxes and regulations, renegotiated trade deals, and wages have gone up while unemployment went down.
  10. He’s unapologetically protected the rights of the unborn.
  11. The Trump administration has fought for religious liberty and the right to assemble.
  12. The Right To Try Law.
  13. Border security.
  14. Forcing allies to pay their “fair share” for defense.
  15. Rebuilding the military.
  16. Killing Islamic terrorists.
  17. Supreme Court Justices.
  18. School choice.
  19. Peace in the Middle East.
  20. Promises made, promises kept, baby!

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So, put on that distinctive red hat, boys and girls, and do not apologize for it for a second.

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