Spot the Difference: Trump’s ABC Town Hall Vs Biden’s CNN Town Hall (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on September 18, 2020

There was a distinct difference in the two town hall events between the two candidates.

Both President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden held townhall events recently. Trump appeared on ABC with a group of (allegedly) undecided voters and it was moderated by Clinton hatchet-man, George Stephanopoulos, that we’re now supposed to believe is an unbiased journo. Biden’s town hall was filled with friendlies

Here’s how ABC reported on Trump’s town hall hosted by their guy:

Now check out the questions that Joe faced:

Joe Biden was lobbed “beach balls” for questions with no fact-checking during CNN’s town hall Thursday just days after President Trump was grilled by voters during ABC’s event, reporter Joe Concha said.

“One town hall was infinitely more challenging than the other,” the Hill’s media reporter told “Fox & Friends” on Friday. “It’s very apparent what we saw between the two candidates, one obviously hostile the other one hospitable.”

Source: Fox News

He did have one tough question and his answer was completely incomprehensible.

The other questions Joe faced were no different from the questions being asked by the Media(D)…when he actually allows questions, that is.

Here’s a sample:

It was such a sh!thow that Anderson Cooper didn’t even fact-check Joe when he said that President Trump is responsible for every single American death from COVID.

Watch Joe Concha break down the differences:

Oh, by the way…one of the people asking questions is a hardcore Biden voter.

What could possibly account for the difference?

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