WATCH: Good Patriot Gives These GREAT Tips On Prepping For A Possible Civil War

Written by K. Walker on September 13, 2020

Let’s face it, whatever the outcome of the 2020 Election, we’ve got a rough road ahead.

Democrats have made it clear with their 4-year #Resist tantrum that if things don’t go their way 100%, they’re going to make life miserable.

Democrats haven’t conceded an election to a Republican Presidential-Elect without drama since Bush 41’s win over Dukakis in 1988.

Do you think that’s going to change this time around?

Heck no! They’ve been pretty clear that they’re ready to start crap if Biden loses.

Good Patriot on YouTube has some advice in case leftists want to turn all of America into a nighttime Portland protest that’s “mostly peaceful.”

Here’s what she’s going to cover:

  1. Securing your food supply and other daily necessities.
  2. Nailing down your water supply.
  3. Defending yourself, your family, and your home.
  4. Create a network of trusted Patriots.
  5. Miscellaneous tips.

Now you’re set for the leftist zombie apocalypse.

Thanks, Good Patriot!

Stay Rowdy!


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