Yaser Abdel Said Captured

Written by Andrew Linn on September 14, 2020

Several weeks ago, Yaser Abdel Said was arrested in Justin, Texas.

Who is Yaser Abdel Said? He is wanted for the January 1, 2008 murder of his daughters Amina and Said.

Why did he kill his daughters?  Because the Saids were Muslim, and he discovered his daughters were dating non-Muslims. Thus, they had done something forbidden in Islam.

Yaser had a history of violence against his daughters. He molested them when they were younger. He kicked Amina in the face over having a boyfriend when she was younger. In both instances, he never went to jail because the girls’ mother Tissie would cover up for him. In December 2007, Yaser found out about his daughters’ boyfriends, he threatened to kill them. Tissie then took Amina and Sarah out of the state for their safety. But then she brought them back to Yaser, who claimed that all was forgiven. Islam Said (the brother of Amina and Sarah) played a role in convincing Tissie to bring them back. Not long after they were returned to Yaser, he shot both of them in his taxi.

In the aftermath of the murders, Islam Said took charge of the situation. Although he acted like he was in mourning, he had the final say in the funeral arrangements (since Tissie was not a Muslim), and he resorted to intimidating anyone who spoke about his sisters being killed.  The targets of such intimidation included members of Tissie’s family. But they refused to cave in the face of Islam’s taunts, threats, and tirades. They stated that Yaser killing his daughters were indeed honor killings.

In the meantime, Tissie managed to divorce Yaser but also converted to Islam, possibly to demonstrate her loyalty to Yaser and his relatives despite the divorce.

Yaser remained elusive over the years due to help from his son Islam and his brother Yassein. It is possible his other relatives were keeping him hidden from the authorities.

Three years ago, Islam Said was living in an apartment in Bedford, Texas when a maintenance man came to his apartment to repair a water leak. When the maintenance man knocked on the door, an older Middle Eastern man answered the door and let him in, saying nothing to him except “hello” and “goodbye”. The maintenance man later told the apartment manager what had happened (since the individual he encountered was not a tenant), and the manager (who knew about Yaser) showed him Yaser’s photos, and the maintenance man identified Yaser as the man he saw in the apartment. The manager then contacted the FBI.

An FBI agent confronted Islam Said outside his apartment building, asked him who the man was inside his apartment, and asked for his permission to search the place. Islam refused, and said he was calling his lawyer. He then got on his cell phone and told someone “we have a big problem”.

A search warrant was issued, and authorities entered the apartment the day after Islam was questioned. They found no one there, but discovered signs that someone had left the apartment in a hurry, due to the patio sliding door being open and a bush on the ground below with broken branches, indicating that someone had jumped from the balcony of Islam’s apartment.

Meanwhile, the FBI got a warrant to examine the cell phone records of Islam Said, and discovered that the phone call he made when confronted by the FBI agent was not to his lawyer, but to Mohsen Said (brother of Yaser and hence Islam’s uncle).

Soon the Said family would be placed under surveillance, particularly Islam Said.

During a period of surveillance of Islam’s residence in Justin, Texas from August 17 to August 19 of this year, the FBI noticed Islam and Yassein leaving the residence at 6:50 PM on August 17.  They also observed Yassein arriving at the house at 1:15 PM on August 18 or August 19, leave the house at 4:05 PM, in which he then re-entered the house before finally leaving at 4:12 PM. Despite the fact that no one else had been observed at the residence during this timeframe, FBI agents saw the shadow of a person walking through the house in front of a window at least twice. Later the lights inside the house went off, and the porch lights came on at 11:56 PM. Thus, someone else was inside the house.

On August 26 of this year, the authorities entered the residence and arrested Yaser. Islam and Yassein were also arrested.

Tissie has stated that she hopes her murdered daughters will get justice, but it is likely she is trying to save her own neck, considering she took them back to Yaser (and should be charged as an accessory to murder). Whether or not that happens, time will tell.

Meanwhile, Yaser, Islam, and Yassein will be heading to trial soon. Hopefully, they will all be convicted.


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Andrew Linn
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