Mini-Mike Commits $100 MILLION To Help Hidin’ Biden Win Florida

Written by K. Walker on September 14, 2020

It looks like Bloomberg is finally making good on his commitment to use his wealth to try to defeat Trump in November.

When Mike Bloomberg dropped out of the race to become the Democratic nominee after spending $1 billion, he had pledged to back whoever the nominee was and spend “whatever it takes” to defeat President Trump.

Democrats were beginning to wonder if he had reneged on his promise.

It seems that he hasn’t. Bloomberg is already the largest single donor for Democrats and Democrat PACs by spending over $350 million so far. Up until now, however, he hasn’t committed much to back the Democratic nominee.

Now that polls show that President Trump has managed to capture a chunk of the Hispanic vote in Florida, Democrats are starting to freak out–Bloomberg included.

It must’ve shaken him out of his stupor because Mini-Mike is now dropping some big cash in Florida.

Mike Bloomberg, the former New York City mayor and onetime Democratic presidential candidate, has committed $100 million of his own money to help the party’s nominee, Joe Biden, win the state of Florida.

Bloomberg’s investment is a potential game changer in Florida, a swing state with expensive media markets.

Florida is also considered a must-win state for President Trump if he is to reach the 270 electoral votes needed to win reelection. Biden, on the other hand, is seen as having several routes to 270, without winning Florida’s 29 electoral votes. Bloomberg’s big investment would likely force Republicans to spend more time and money in Florida and allow the Biden campaign to focus its resources on other key states.

Source: NPR

Although Biden has gained support with white seniors in Florida, he’s losing some of the Hispanic support to Trump.

According to recent polls, Florida is now a dead heat with Biden up 2 points on Trump–within the margin of error–but the President is continuing to narrow the gap.

The President weighed in on Bloomberg spending money on Biden’s bid to try to win the Sunshine State.

Good advice, Mr. President. NYC could really use some of Bloomberg’s assistance now that Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio have done their best to destroy it.

Isn’t it interesting that the Democrats who bill themselves a the party of the “average American” are being propped up by millionaires and billionaires?

I think that’s pretty interesting.

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