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Are COVID Shutdowns Responding To Science Or Panic — Top Democrat Accidentally Gives Away The Game

Joe Biden drones on endlessly about one key point, ‘Believe the science’. One phone call by a top Democrat gives a very picture of what this ‘believing the science’ is really all about.

The left gets butthurt because Trump is supposedly a bad man because he doesn’t do all the things that good little lemmings are supposed to do. But what if he’s right not to have the same priorities as them?

One of the fundamental differences between left and right is our view of governmental authority.

Democrats expect government regulations to be obeyed unquestioningly and aspire to be the ones calling the shots. Actual LAWS about such things as illegal entry into the country, for example, or leaking classified documents to the news when it achieves a political agenda, or rioting, toppling statues, and burning down public buildings are NOT seen through that same lens.

Republicans? For many of us, if we think you’re operating beyond your legitimate authority, we’ll say so.

An army of public health officials has been issuing thousands of dollars worth of citations against orthodox Jewish neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

One conversation the Governor had with Jewish community leaders was recoreded and leaked to Harmodia.

We at ClashDaily made a transcript of a key section of that call, beginning around the 19 minute mark. Gov Cuomo is speaking here:

‘I’m a hundred percent frank and candid. This is not a highly-nuanced, sophisticated response. This is a fear-driven response. You know, this is not a policy being written by a scalpel, this is a policy being cut by a hatchet. It’s just a very blunt —

I didn’t propose this you know. It was proposed by the mayor in the city. I’m trying to sharpen it and make it better, but its out of fear. People see the numbers going up. Close everything! Close everything! It’s not the best way to do it, but it is a fear-driven response. The virus scares people.

Hopefully, we get the numbers down in the zip codes, the anxiety comes down, and then we can have a smarter, more tailored approach.

Your point is right. Why close every school? Why don’t you test the schools and close the ones that have a problem? I know. But first I don’t know that we have the resources to do that now, but I can tell you honestly, the fear is too high to do anything other than — let’s do everything we can to get the infection rate down now, close the doors. Close the windows. That’s where we are. Commissioner, do you want to add something?

[Health Commissioner] I think that that’s exactly the point and I thank you rabbi for your leadership…

Did you catch that?

For all the bullying ordinary citizens have endured from the beginning, for all the jobs that have been lost, the families thrown into bankruptcy, and the second-order consequences of a societal shutdown that even WHO doesn’t support anymore what have we learned?

We’ve learned that the folks making these decisions aren’t motivated by cool-headed and entirely rational considerations at all. They’re driven by emotion.

Specifically, they are driven by the fear of the crowds.

And why are the crowds afraid? Because people like his brother Fredo on CNN and Joe Biden have convinced us that it’s important to be afraid.

And once we were afraid, they are ‘compelled’ to take actions that even Democrats acknowledge are stupid and panic-driven. Why? To ‘reduce the anxiety’.

How about we try a different approach. How about we tell all these fear-mongers to go screw themselves, and just go back to living our lives?

Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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