Biden ‘Would Consider’ New York Governor Andrew ‘Grandma Killer’ Cuomo As Attorney General

Written by Wes Walker on October 13, 2020

It goes to the question of judgment. It doesn’t matter that Cuomo is flatly turning the job down. It shows what paradigm he would be viewing government through.

Whether Joe would be cynically trying to get a famous figure on his team, or if there was something in Cuomo’s agenda that he wanted to push is immaterial. Biden is giving us a window into the sort of person he is considering for the top cop job.

Seeing how badly that role was botched the LAST time Joe was in the White House, this is an important question. Will Joe be looking for a ‘Wing Man’ who can conveniently punish his rivals and sweep any scandal under the rug? That’s the model he served under during his last stint in the White House.

Or is the choice driven by purely ideological considerations? For Cuomo, it would be a political step backward from his larger ambitions so the question is moot… except for what it tells us about a pick more generally.

Aides at the National Governors Association have begun considering replacements for Gov. Andrew Cuomo as its chair, according to a report, as speculation mounts that he will be eyed for attorney general in a potential Biden administration.

Cuomo, a fairly close political ally of Democratic nominee Joe Biden, is being pushed for the role as the nation’s top law enforcement officer, Axios reported Sunday.

Given their relationship, the outlet reports that Biden “would consider him” for the job.

…“I’m a New Yorker, I said I would serve as governor,” he told the network, adding jokingly, “Those rumors … those are only from people who want to get me out of New York. I don’t know why, but that’s where that’s coming from.”

“I have no interest in going into Washington. I said when this COVID situation started, just so I had total credibility with the people of the state, ‘I’m not running for president, I’m not running for vice president, I don’t want to go to Washington, I just am giving you the straight advice as your governor,’ and that’s where I am.” –NYPost

What’s to like about Cuomo?

His ‘transparency’ in waiting until AFTER the election to provide true statistics on COVID nursing home deaths?

The way he blames the Federal government for his own failings?

The way he simultaneously kissed the ass of the violent protesters while dumping on first responders and explicity limiting the religious freedoms of New Yorkers?

The way he champions abortion to the very last second the baby is still in the womb?

Probably it’s all of these things.

These are the sorts of considerations that will go into the top Law enforcement of a hypothetical Biden administration. He’d probably fill it up with more flunkies like Comey and Brennan to pick up where the last group left off. After all — who could stop him?

But TRUMP, they tell us, is the ‘authoritarian’ and ‘despot’.


And they try to call Barr a ‘partisan’. Just wait until Joe gets to pick a cabinet!

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