WATCH: Comedian Bill Burr Insults Everyone On SNL And It’s Hilarious

Written by Wes Walker on October 12, 2020

In case we had all forgotten what a comedy routine that didn’t feature a swipe at President Trump looked like here’s Bill Burr giving the public other reasons to be upset.

Some of the best comedy is, in some sense, transgressive.

Joining the endless throngs of people throwing darts at the President isn’t edgy or transgressive. It’s tired and lame.

Which might explain why Burr took his comedy set in a different direction. One that successfully managed to piss some people off.

Including people on the Left who have become unused to having their delicate toes stomped by a skilled comic.

Here’s one quick snippet.

Here’s the full 7 minute set:

It’s a little bit of a free-for-all.

We’ll try to tell you about it without any spoilers that would ruin the jokes.

Burr takes some swipes at the Chinavirus and how people who don’t care so much about those social distancing rules.

Then he weighs in on the sucker-punching of Rick Moranis as only a New Yorker can.

He takes a run at white chicks who hijacked the Woke movement.

He jokes about cancel culture.

He lobs a grenade into identity politics by talking about Pride in a way that most people wouldn’t dare to touch it. And he even works race relations into the mix.

Leftists are offended.

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