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WATCH: Hiker Encounters Cougar On Trail And She ‘Escorts’ Him Away For 6 Minutes

If you found yourself in this situation, would YOU know how to handle it?

A cougar followed a man for over 6 minutes during his run through Slate Canyon near Provo.

For some crazy reason, the guy actually filmed it as it happened. It wasn’t the smartest plan, but it gives us the opportunity to talk about what happened.

Yashar Ali does a really good job of explaining everything, so here’s his thread describing what’s happening on the video and what lessons the rest of us can take from what went right and what went wrong.

It’s easy to get caught up in the illusion that the wilderness is safe just because it has been civilized with things like trails and amenities.

The wildlife doesn’t care if you think you’re going for a run in a State park or vast tracks of untamed wilderness. It plays by its own set of rules.

If you’re out there, and don’t know what they are?

Well, that’s on you.

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