Fauci Pushes Back Against Trump Ad — Even Though It Was Actually Correct

Written by Wes Walker on October 12, 2020

Is it any wonder Fauci has fallen out of favor with the Trump administration — several of his signature policy recommendations — including the masks and the effectiveness of a short-term shutdown have been completely reversed.

Does anyone remember ‘Fifteen Days To Slow The Spread’? In case you haven’t noticed, it’s been more than 15 days, and we’re still here.

Rightly or wrongly this man who had spent half a century in government office was one of the lead voices in determining the national response to Coronavirus, and Fauci is held up as something of a folk hero to the Left, he was giving the same kind of fawning media praise that even the Creepy Porn Lawyer would have envied. There was merch, and even a ‘sexiest man alive’ nomination from the left, which must be a slap in the face to celebrities half his age.

The same ‘believe the science’ Democrats that fawn over Fauchi also insist that Trump badly mishandled COVID. A recent Trump ad shows how an honest person cannot believe both things at the same time.

Fauci is upset about the ad.

“The comments attributed to me without my permission in the GOP campaign ad were taken out of context from a broad statement I made months ago about the efforts of federal public health officials,” Fauci said in a statement provided exclusively to CNN when asked if he agreed to be featured in the ad.

In fact, these SAME ‘efforts of federal public health officials’ that Fauci says he was describing are what have been held up by Team Biden as a Trumpian administration failure.

Fauci’s thoughts on it are, therefore, absolutely relevant, and has nothing to do with whether or not he wants to endorse a candidate. (We’re all pretty sure he’d vote blue anyway.)

Here’s some more examples of Fauci speaking highly of Trump’s response to the virus:

The Trump page put together a few of their favorite Fauci quotes disproving Biden’s favorite COVID accusations.

Why doesn’t Biden ‘believe the science’?

Joe Biden claims he’d listen to Dr. Anthony Fauci. If that’s true, why does he contradict him so much?

Biden’s criticisms of President Trump’s response to the coronavirus are directly contradicted by statements from Dr. Fauci. They can’t both be telling the truth.

Dr. Fauci has made it clear that the Trump Administration acted early and quickly, and did everything possible save lives:

  • Biden: “President Trump knew how deadly COVID-19 was and did nothing.” (09/17/2020)
  • When he was asked in March whether the Trump Administration was “doing everything possible,” Dr. Fauci replied, “I believe so… I think in the context of what we’re being challenged with, I think everybody’s doing really well.” (03/10/2020)


  • Biden: “He just wasn’t up to it, he froze, he failed to act.” (09/21/2020)
  • Dr. Fauci: “We acted very, very early.” (03/31/2020)


  • Biden: “Due to Donald Trump’s lies and incompetence in the past six months we’ve seen one of the gravest losses of American life in history.” (09/21/2020)
  • Dr. Fauci: “The coordinated response has been – there are a number of adjectives to describe it – impressive, I think, is one of them. I mean, we’re talking about all hands on deck… I’m down at the White House virtually every day with the Task Force… So I can’t imagine that, under any circumstances, that anybody could be doing more.” (03/22/2020)


  • Biden: “If Donald Trump had acted just two weeks earlier, 54,000 lives could have been spared in March and April alone.” (09/09/2020)
  • Dr. Fauci: “The first and only time that Dr. Birx and I went in and formally made a recommendation to the president, to actually have a, quote, shutdown in the sense of, not really shutdown, but to really have strong mitigation …. the president listened to the recommendation and went to the mitigation. The next, second time that I went with Dr. Birx into the president and said 15 days are not enough, we need to go 30 days, obviously there were people who had a problem with that because of the potential secondary effects. Nonetheless, at that time, the president went with the health recommendations, and we extended it another 30 days… I can just tell you the first and only time that I went in and said we should do mitigation strongly, the response was yes, we’ll do it.” (04/13/2020)
  • Dr. Fauci: “Clearly, early on, we made a travel ban with regard to China. That was a very smart move, right there, because what that did was prevent a major influx from China. Today, the new China is Europe, because Europe now is the major element, the major geographic component, that is now seeding other countries throughout the world. And that’s the reason why we made the very difficult but appropriate decision to have a travel ban on the European countries. So we are definitely ahead of the curve on that.” (3/13/2020)


  • Biden: “He continued to lie about COVID-19.” (09/16/2020)
  • Dr. Fauci: “I don’t recall anything different than in our discussions that we had with the president that he said things quite similar publicly… In my discussions, and in the discussions of other Task Force members with the president, we’re talking about the reality of what was going on and then when we would get up in front of the press conferences, which were very, very common after our discussions with the president, he really didn’t say anything different than we discussed when we were with him… I didn’t really see any discrepancies between what he told us and what we told him and what he ultimately came out publicly and said.” (09/09/2020)


  • Biden: “The president revealed in no uncertain terms the lack of seriousness with which he continues to take this pandemic.” (09/16/2020)
  • When he was asked if he agrees that “the Task Force and the President took the outbreak very seriously from the beginning,” Dr. Fauci responded, “Yes.” (09/23/2020)
  • Dr. Fauci: “We at NIH, as you know, have right from the very beginning put our foot on that accelerator in every aspect, including the development of vaccines and therapeutics. And as I described in my opening statement, we actually started that in January, literally days after the virus was known and its sequence was published.” (5/12/2020)