Hey Patriots: Make Your Voice Heard — Sign This Petition To Recall Austin’s Mayor Adler

Written by Wes Walker on October 12, 2020

If you’re sick of Austin’s Mayor and his stupid crap — now you can let him hear you!

Here’s your chance.

Pissed-off patriots have set up a petition to put him on notice that Texans have had enough. Here’s what they had to say in that petition:

Steve Adler (https://twitter.com/MayorAdler) won’t repeal the open camping ordinance in Austin, TX unless we show him we mean business. By signing this petition, you are showing your willingness to vote this irresponsible progressivist out of office if he continues to ignore his constituents!

Why Sign?

  1. City Council lied about the effects of the Open Camping Ordinance
  2. Local Businesses are suffering from the homeless epidemic
  3. Residents no longer feel safe in downtown Austin.
  4. Steve Adler and the Public Safety Commissioner dismissed the rape and murder of Haruka Weiser by a homeless man
  5. Homeless are shitting in public places, such as the library
  6. Nothing will change if we don’t show the mayor and the rest of city council that we mean business!

This petition is not an official recall petition, but it will remind our reps who’s boss!

Hit that link here.

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