Giant Trump Sign On PRIVATE Property Visible From The Freeway Was Quickly Removed By Cali Transit Workers

Written by K. Walker on October 10, 2020

Cali Trump supporters pulled off an incredible stunt… but it didn’t go over very well with the leftists in The Golden State.

It might be surprising that there are some hardcore Trump supporters in California, but there apparently are a few.

On Tuesday morning, motorists on the heavily-traversed 405 Freeway were surprised to see a giant Trump sign on a hillside near the Sepulveda Pass. The sign was massive and in the same style as the iconic “Hollywood” sign.

This video by the L.A. Times gives you some idea of the scale.

Imagine being this committed to supporting President Trump! Incredible!

The sign is both eye-catching and hilarious.

The California Department of Transportation (Caltran), however, was not amused. Workers were quickly sent to deal with it. The letters were all laid down but not removed.

A large “Trump” sign that appeared overnight in the Sepulveda Pass hills near the 405 Freeway was promptly taken down by authorities Tuesday morning.

The sign was made of large white capital letters similar to those of the iconic Hollywood sign and was reportedly spotted just before 7 a.m.

There’s little information about who placed the sign, but Lauren Wonder, chief public information officer for the California Department of Transportation, said it was on private property.

Source: Los Angeles Times

Caltran spokesperson, Lauren Wonder, said that although the sign was on private property, it had to be taken down because it was a “visual distraction.” She said, “This was a life and safety issue because there were concerns about distracted driving.”

A post is going around on Facebook as a meme with before and after images of the Trump sign.

The caption reads, “This sign went up on private property in Los Angeles Tuesday morning. It was far from the 405 Freeway, but visible because it was on a hillside. Within a few hours, California government officials went onto the private property and took it down saying it ‘might distract drivers’. Disregarding the 8000+ billboards on L.A. freeways. Welcome to Socialism. Obey or be destroyed. #Trump2020”


Posted by Morgan Brittenham on Thursday, October 8, 2020

It’s not wrong.

You’d think that Cali residents would be used to seeing big, white letters on a hillside.

But then, those letters don’t spell out the name of the Bad Orange Man.

Lefties have a real hatred for POTUS and cannot abide any reference to him in California.

Remember all of the times that they defiled President Trump’s star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame?

But, it seems that the Trump supporters in Cali are quite able to handle their unhinged adversaries.

MAGA Legion: Dozens Of Fake Donald Trump Stars Appear On Hollywood Blvd.

We see you, California Trump supporters.

We see you.

Stay Rowdy!

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