Hey Moderates: Biden Thinks You Don’t Deserve An Answer To This Question… Do You Agree?

Written by Wes Walker on October 11, 2020

Under normal circumstances, campaigning was intended to be an opportunity for voters to put candidates under the microscope and decide which one suits them best. But Biden has a different theory about campaigning.

Biden thinks he gets to decide which issues deserve to be in the headlines, and which ones do not. He thinks he gets to dictate what the public gets to care about.

For anyone paying attention, you will notice that even in his orchestrated ‘interviews’ with the ‘Mainstream Media’ have more to do with tearing down OrangeManBad than they do with clearing away any questions about contradictions in the Biden / Harris platform.

It’s hard to know where he stands on issues since his feet are never really held to the fire.

The American public wants to know if Biden plans to fundamentally transform (so to speak) the relationship between the political parties and the (until now) independent judicial branch.

Even their beloved FDR was slapped down by his own party when he proposed that he load up the court with extra judges so that policies he approved of would be rubber-stamped.

So, now that Kamala Harris and other Democrats have pushed the idea of adding extra judges to the court so that they could stuff it with progressive judges to push through their agenda, people want to know if Democrats are planning to retaliate for the loss of Leftist control of the courts by expanding the courts by enough Democrat judges to reclaim a majority.

Remember how Biden said we need a President who will be less divisive, about how he would be the President of all Americans? How well does that rhetoric fit with this answer?

Did you catch that? He was in the process of saying they don’t deserve an answer.

His reason? Before now it was because he didn’t want HIS answer to make headlines, and that’s still part of the reason. But he was saying that Republicans don’t deserve an answer.

Huh? Does that include the NeverTrumpers at the Lincon project or the @JonahGoldberg-type voter who holds certain objections to POTUS45?

Conversations here at the ClashDaily writer’s office have been kicking this question around for awhile, and we have decided that there is a reason that Biden can Duck and Weave every time this is asked.

The question doesn’t box him in neatly enough into a binary answer.

We think this video might help push him into a binary answer:

We would rephrase it something like this:

“Mr. Biden, in 1983, you called FDR’s attempt at court-packing a boneheaded idea and a terrible, terrible mistake to make that called into question for an entire decade the independence of the most significant body in this country. Now, voices on the Left have been calling for Democrats to do exactly what FDR was rebuked for doing in 1937.

In contrast to those voices, the late Justice Ginsburg, was interviewed about her thoughts about packing the court with more judges, and gave this answer only last year:

“Nine seems to be a good number. It’s been that way for a long time,” she said, adding, “I think it was a bad idea when President Franklin Roosevelt tried to pack the court.” –NPR

In light of these facts, Mr. Biden, can you reassure voters that you agree with the Justice Ginsburg, that you affirm and remain committed to continuing our long-standing tradition of a 9-member politically independent Supreme Court?