Here Are Three More Ways Mail-In Ballots Are Being Screwed With — Thanks, Democrats

Written by Wes Walker on October 10, 2020

Now that the Dems have fought so damned hard for mass-mailing to dominate the ballots, here’s more of the chaos they have unleashed.

They accuse us of trying to ‘suppress’ the vote, while their side has been throwing it into complete disarray. The Dems systematically ripped out one guardrail after another until we were left with the mess we see now.

We’ve given plenty of examples before… but there have been still more than the ones we reported before.

Caught on camera: man stealing ballots out of mailboxes.

At this point, we have no way of telling how many other mailboxes were targeted, nor whether this guy was acting as a ‘lone wolf’ or as part a larger, organized, operation.

Is there more?

Or course there’s more.

What was the President talking about?

President Donald Trump has warned about election fraud for months and the problems plagued with universal mail-in-voting.

We are seeing those concerns come to fruition, when Franklin County, Ohio’s election board announced that 50,000 voters received an incorrect absentee ballot this week. Those ballots account for almost 21% of the ballots mailed out this week in Franklin County, — SaraCarter

Is that the last of it?

Not even close.

But surely there couldn’t be more?

Actually, there is.

The video above sure seems like it should be considered ‘newsy’.

But it’s the right that is throwing chaos into the election.


Be sure to bookmark this story for November, as an objective reference.

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